Saturday, May 30, 2009


I must've laid back in that chair for hours
Walking in circles with my words and skipping loops with my fingers
as i wrapped you around me
i lingered and there, at the brink of my epiphany
i realized, you were never mines
I could've said those words a thousand times
but today they held a pitch
and as if a switch had clicked within the basement of my heart
The lights came on
So full of PHiLosophy yet lacking a new direction
So full of hypocrisy and this is my only Question
"how does it make you Feel?"
So now you keep trying to Fill a vacant space...
And I'm only asking because of that look upon your face, beckoning me to remember...
It was mid-November and we had yet "another again"
swaping identities
claiming to be just friends
so intangled,
angled in hidden degrees
only ponds of love
but we were swimming in forbidden seas
as you parted your lips letting lyrics spill onto me...

"How does it Feel"

D'Angelo was muted by what you had to say.
All I could think was "since when did you ask the questions"?!
So shocked by your aggression I mustered out "lies" with no discretion
I Don'T Care!
and from then and there we have been on the rocks...
just going along, but hoping it would finally stop.


mzkiz said...

I was intrigued. This was incredibly personal and spell bounding. bravo.

Shandra E...*the misses said...

Thank you & i'm so glad it spoke above a "whisper" for you!!! lol...i often wonder if what i write makes sense to anyone besides me when it gets this "tangled" & personal!

but yes, it's definitely a Personal topic...It helped me finally asnwer the question....

& I feel.....BETTER ;)