Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Time Kills....

I've bitten my tongue so many times and now i keep bleeding love,
you're all i think of.....
I've been killing Time with lies, so indenial, but now it kills me to be so silent!
And again, the cat gets away with my tongue...
i'm a loaded gun, but fear has me locked on safety, if only my words could escape me it gets so crazy sometimes i swear i Hate Me for being so stupid and supressed in
just cuz i wear my cheekbones high with smilin eyes and make-up to cover my scars
I say what's up because so much has fallen down
I smile although my heart decorates the ground

So now Time is killing me......

how slow it goes aches the crevaces of my soul
and healing has never taken so long
Healing is on a midnight train to Georgia and that's such an old song
I've replayed the record so many times and still lyrics escape my mind
If only i could find the write words to say to my pen
If only i could find the hands of time and restart them again
I'd blow the wind back into my body and breathe fresh Air
and then i'd stop there...
you were so stale, love was like a blank sky suffering from a pale blue
and the grass stood tall but it never blew in the wind of romance
such a perfect stance, but who wants love to stand still
so many people would kill for a love standing the test of time
but i would simply kill to have a love all mine
and there it goes
my heart
out on the line
cold and frozen
waiting for the sun to shine
drying like raisins amongst our dirty laundry i have aired
Blaring Red
from all the things i never said
and at last the part i dread most


Time wins and Love becomes our ghost...

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