Saturday, May 23, 2009

Shhhh!!! It's a SECRET!

Every January I usually get really amped and excited about the Victoria Secret semi-Annual sale! However, for the past two years, the sale has been at random moments when customers are least expecting them!! Whatever happened to standard January and July sales??? Yesterday I just so happened to be in the mall and of course I HAD TO see what was new in Vicky's! I step in and instantly find myself digging in sale bins like a crack-head vacuuming concrete for crack?! It was pretty sad...and then as i scurried from one bin to the next, becoming intangled in pantie and bra bundles, I was interrupted by a dramatized, over-zealous bubbly voice: "WOULD YOU LIKE TO RECEIVE 15% off today's purchase, you get free panties and beauty products in the mail, and bladi bladi blah"!! With the same hesitation as usual, i declined and kept searching! The funny thing is I always "happen upon" the sales, I know they're coming every year, and still i walk into the store and suddenly fall into a trance as i weigh down my little frame with every enticing sale item i can get my hands on! ....So there I am, shopping with both arms dangling aquas, purples and peaches and an array of various bra types and textures, when suddenly someone hands me the big shopping bag, helps me stuff my products in, and without warning begins measuring me for size! Now if i was of another race/culture, I'd appreciate the ongoing defiance of my body, however, i am black, i love the structure of a black woman's body (as in I appreciate what GOD gave us & I love being black; nothing less or more; don't misconstrue the words! lol)...but Yeah...I'm black...Whatever happened to itty-bitties, small waisted and hippy, big booty sistahs....have we vanished....are we extinct??! really...what's in the food cuz I'm well beyond puberty (or so i thought) but no matter how much weight I lose, they stay put?! like Omg what gives?!! lol....I was so convinced losing some weight meant you'd lose some of "the girls"...Or at least that's what Dr. OZ had me believing...but what does he know...he's a heart surgeon!! ;-o...Anyhoo....The sale was great...I'm actually online maximizing my sale right now and while I can't stand getting at least three proposals to open an account, I LOVE THE SEMI-ANNUAL SALE!! So Shhhh!!! CAN YOU KEEP A SECRET...I Over-spent! ;-)


There's nothing like feeling like a "BAD" chick from the inside out! lol...It's one thing to have on a cute lil. dress, some nice stilettos, and a fresh pedi, but i don't know, a new pair of v-strings and a sexy bra always boost my confidence just a bit further?! lol...weird, but if beauty reflects from the inside out, it's what people don't see (or in my case what they wont...yes I'm "one of those") that really does the trick! So no, nobody special gets to see how cute it all looks, but can't a girl just buy it for herself??! And don't get me wrong, The body-type I "envy" is not so much typical at's just some prototypical 1970's chick gracing all the 1970's shows/movies! And gol-ly, please forgive me if i seem ungrateful for what I have cuz lawd knows i'd rather have plenty than complain cuz i don't have any, but *sigh....yeah yeah i'll get over-it; i always do! I actually love what i got 9 out of 10 days, but this just so happens to be day 10 so WHAT GIVES?! x-o
LMbo...ok i'm being dramatic, enough said....catch that sale people...before it ends (and comes around unannounced...again! Rrr!).


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