Friday, May 22, 2009


I GOT THIS ICE/BOX /WHERE/ MY HEART/ USED/ TO BE....funny...cuz it still looks like WATER to me??! Guess you went and changed Love's chemistry, but you could not change the history, so we are still here. That's exactly why I steer clear of all your familiar gestures and "random" acts of kindness; I refuse to melt the ice. So no, we can't be "nice friends" thinking it's cool to spend nights and weekends together. We can't be those people who cordially laugh and joke and hug and linger as if we're oh so clever enough to outsmart love. I can be as cold as ice, but somewhere there are little droplets of rain. and not from love, but from pain. I bleed just to stay sane and you can leave, but you remain drowning within my wounds. You sick sadistic lion! I am the lamb, yet you keep prying open windows of opportunities...only to stop and stare. And yet it's not like you care to dine on this feast of love, instead you simply dream of "what ifs" and "maybes"....and maybe that's why i can see right through the ice. So hard at first, but one glimpse reveals the pools of love behind your stare. So you shun the light afraid the truth will find you there...and it has. So in broad daylight you hide behind your mask, masquerading an untold past of "could've beens". And what should've been is no longer an option! I am no longer stopping the ice from immunizations, the pain is helping to rid me of You. And soon I will be through. Like vapors, love is dew, but it cannot rest upon me.

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