Monday, June 29, 2009

B.E.T Awards 2009 MJ Tribute..

After a long weekend of marathons and spending hours on youtube, b.e.t, and google as i tried to cling to everything Michael, I just wanted to EXHALE while watching the tribute. However, during the entire show, i was holding my breath! In a last minute, yet honorable, attempt to tribute the KING, B.E.T did a wonderful job of changing/re-working everything! So I am not disappointed in B.E.T, but I do feel a bit disappointed in certain artist! I was holding my breath, waiting and expecting obvious MJ fans like Usher (he was like our second coming..well not really, but even Mike acknowledged him?!) and what happened to Chris Brown?? I mean, he just had the run in with...Rihanna's face, BUT STILL...he couldn't whip something up for us...for Michael??! And Justin much as he "invades" everything B.E.T...I'm not sure if he loved Michael or Janet more, but goodness WHERE WAS HE??? I was kind of for real, but then when Janet came out, you forgot about everything and realized that WHOA...this is all real and Michael is really gone; he's not coming out to accept some award...we waited to late & now he's gone! It's something that Alicia Keys mentioned herself, that we should've been doing these type of things before...and it's true. I actually think the entire world is mourning so much because some of us feel slightly We Loved him, but we almost forgot how great he IS..His greatness never died, but throughout the would've thought even his greatest fans had abandoned him for new cats like Neyo (ooh no)?! While, this is not the case for me...i still think we all have to go through the process of grief and "guilt' is definitely one of those steps...along with we just want to blame somebody!! I know I DO...i want another reason...
he didn't just have a "heart attack"...he's INVINCIBLE right??! =/

Before i drown in sorrow, I will say that NEYO did his thing!! He represented like a true admirer of the King. Jamie stepped up to the plate and it only made it more obvious that others had failed to swing the bat?!! So i don't know, Usher might've had divorce drama, perhaps Chris couldn't make appearance because of his court drama, and maybe JT was tending to his other network MTV?? I was even looking at Beyonce like "what does this have to do with ANYTHING?!'s not about Talent right now, you got it, we Know, but shut up & say something Michael-ish"!! lmbo ( she was BOMB though...just kind of pointless for the event)...either way i was left waiting for something that never came!!

As for Janet...WOW...she embraced us with such strength by stepping out on that stage!! I would've stayed my butt in bed, but WOW, that's commendable!! It made me tear up and Joseph (the dad) seemed pretty uhmm...well, i just thought it was weird yet still comforting to see him front row & centered "all smiles"??! BOTTOM LINE....I'm just glad WE did it first; No one else deserved that Honor the King Of Jamie said "He belongs to us & we just shared him" :)

lol...AND JAMIE...That foo was hilarious!!!! I'm so in love with him & his humor!!

....&& SAY WHAT...TEVIN CAMPBELL (babyyy)?!!lol ...NEW EDITION...
Baby Boy re-enactments! lol..MAXWELL (yum) many great surprises i must admit!!

What did you think???

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