Thursday, June 25, 2009


He once said in an interview, "so many people have learned about him from a distance through lies in the media, but if we really want to know him we should listen to the most honest, autobiographical song he's ever written: CHILDHOOD". I just listened to him quote those words on a CBS special & i decided to stop, listen & post the video. I remember watching it EVERY single day in the early 90s (because it was apart of the moonwalk video special) was actually the only song i laughed at/didn't like, but now that i'm older i can actually listen & appreciate the lyrics...we all should.....*sniff =(

Some poetic lyrics in there
"Have you seen my childhhod, i'm searching for the world that i come from cuz i've been looking around in the lost & found of my one understands me"

"people say i'm not okay cuz i love such elementary things, is it my fate to compensate for the child.....I've never childhood"

WOW...soooo sad & poetic; he was a beautiful writer, performer,etc...i'm heartbroken just thinking of his life story!!! His childhood was misplaced and he never really got to see old age! So shocking and unexpected, still i can remember a "what If" game years ago "what if Michael Jackson died"?? all i remember is me & all my friends screaming "don't play like that; that's not even a good question"...

smh...I still can't answer it!! =/
so sad!!

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