Friday, June 26, 2009



I have never been a Jay Z Fan but GOL-LY he has just found a FAn in ME!! lol

his new joint is FIYA!!!!

I love Agression...& he's so Forward & Neccessary!!!

Cuz Best believe I'm sick of all this Auto-tune crap too!!!

GET OVER IT!!!!!!!!

ANd *sigh..............He finally helped me EXHALE after all the MJ sadness!!!

i've been Down ALL DAY, but this song just took me UP about 5 knotches!!! ;o)

lol...He's about to do a small city Tour too!!

wOoohOoo I like JAy Z now guys...Never thought I'd see the day!! =)

lol..although he has caught me at an OPEN and emotional state..almost like a rebound lover?!

Bottom need to Listen cuz HE GOES HARD!!


VerbFashion said...

Clearly. I'm a Stan for Jay-Z. Love the man to death for his music, his business genius and his from nothing to something swagg.

I'm glad you could join us on the Hova side of things. His music will do stuff like that to you.

still down about mj...a little but I guess I could play one of my 500 jay-z songs and come out of it soon.

MsRitaJanay said...

i so agree! mannn i am SICK of autotune its not even funny!

oh stopped by my bog for the link:

Shandra E...*the misses said...

Oh THANKS for the link MsRitaJanay!!! and aint it TIRED!! uhg!

VerbFashion: Thanks for welcoming me to club!!! lol i'm excited to see what else i'll love!! :)