Saturday, June 13, 2009

Eat Your Words. (midnight snack)

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I'm known for remembering things i say to others & storing them in memory banks i like to withdraw from later in life, but HAVE YOU EVER responded to someone, calling yourself giving them a "sound piece of mind" only to realize you're regurgitating a meal of words you never fully digested yourself, so all the while you're "teaching" and learning YOUR OWN LESSON?!!! lmbO, i just left a blog comment for someone, and me being the analytical person that i am, decided I'd "preview" it 1st( and uh oh =D)...SO, HERE I AM....moments later....EATING MY OWN WORDS....they make a killer midnight snack ; )

so if the definition of love is unlimited, how can LOVE in its truest form suffer from limitations?! which brings everything back to i guess the real question (to self) would be: am I afraid that it's too soon or am I afraid that he doesn't love me?! or perhaps I'm afraid that this is all one big confusion & love is yet to be found...I always say that Love is not Blind, instead it has been blindfolded by those too eager to see for them selves. & that's not a blow to you, but a "Flag" to all. Love is Unlimited, so it's us...we come with all the boundaries =/
and there you have it: my foot carefully placed within my mouth. ; )


Anonymous said...

MAN!! i just wrote a big ol comment and it didnt even go through!!! sux... lets see.... i said: [some really good stuff b4]

i definitely had to eat my own words ... i remember waking up saying "NEVER" by breakfast i was thinking "WELL, MAYBE" ... and by BRUNCH (i couldnt even make it to lunch...) i was tearing "NEVER" up.. with a big slice of "your a sucker" pie lol ...

but anyway.. i dont think the definition of love is unlimited... cause sometimes love isn't love if its not limited. lawed. bounded. i guess the possibilities of love are unlimited...

idk... sometimes i want to learn so much about love so that i could outsmart it!! lol .. i think thats my next blog.

Shandra E...*the misses said...

You defintely just made a point "what is love without boundaries, still the possibilities of love are without walls, so we fall yet nobody knows what to call it..."
lol...I had to put my own words in "quotes" because i feel like i amlost stole it from you (being your words sparked it) but you had me dying with your Breakfast Brunch and..'never' made it to lunch!! haha...healthiest snack ever: MY OWN WORDS!! ;)

...i'd even suggest that anyone who wants to Lose WEIGHT snack on their own words...a nice slice of humble pie always seems to get rid of alot of extra weight!!