Tuesday, June 30, 2009

How Bout You DON'T!!!

Ok, back in H.S we had a column in the paper in which we gathered all our observations and suggested the most simplest yet candid advice: HOW BOUT YOU DON'T!! lol..."HBYD" is a way of obviously stating 1. a problem and 2. a dead end answer that basically leaves you with no other options so HBYD!!!

1. This morning I went to the doctor's office to get my skin test read (TB test) for work, and lets just say MEN, HOW BOUT YOU DON'T try to "holla" at a woman at the Doctor's OFFICE?!! Like uhg...You don't know me Or What I got (nothing mind you) AND I don't know you Or what You Got SO shouldn't the last place you scout for a woman be the SICK HOUSE??? Lol...Sad thing is, the bruthah was CUTE??! Even came back & shook my hand (after staring & walking away...off??) said "what's your name, nice to meet you" & all that mess...smh...HOW BOUT YOU DON'T!

2. While in Rite Aid glutonizing (not a real word) on their GOOD O' Ice Cream (thrifty!!), I noticed these women with big O' strips of plastic across their foreheads...sad thing is, one of the ladies barely had a forehead (weird...cuz black people got FO heads?!) but yeah, LADIES, HOW BOUT YOU DON'T get a Lace Front wig, Fail to style & tailor it to your head, and then step out in public like you're Beyonce's background vocals....There's a reason Kelly & Michelle stayed in the back...AND If your Head aint big like TYRA's....PLEASE have a stylist CUT the lace in the front so that it's as close up to the hair line as possible!!! lol...and NOTE" most people use make-up to blend...TRY SOME! rme...it was a mess!! and no, I've never tried one...i just thought I'd make a "suggestion" ;) lol...

3. MJ Fans HOW BOUT YOU DON'T drown yourself in sadness LIKE ME!!! ...i just had to blast myself...HBYD post like 8 back-to-back blogs about him, scaring your (minimal) new readers away, from MJ overload...What was life like before...If for some strange reason, You happened to write a MJ blog the night Before "Thursday" like me...well...think back Further!!! lol Come on Yall, We Can DO IT!! Lets Celebrate his Life!!! OK and I'll shut up now before i start thinking too nostalgic AGAIN!! which only leads to upside down happy faces and misplaced emotions?!! lol...HBYD!


deonna said...

i'm feeling this post. but to the doctor's office situation... you never know where you might meet someone great. i would hope he wouldn't have anything tho. lol. i'm just sayin'. he was cute and he had manners... why not?

Shandra E...*the misses said...

Lol...you know you have a point! & Yeah...he was mannerable & 'real' cute!! lol...It's not like we were at "the clinic" or anything...just the family/urgent care unit, but i guess it caught me so off gaurd?!!! lol...cuz yeah...i just looked at him like he was Half-crazy!! lol..

At the SAME time, he must've felt half-crazy cuz he looked, walked away, & actually came back to speak to me, but he never once asked for a number or anything, you could tell he wanted to, but then he caught himslef...almost as if he Knew it was a lil. OFF!! lol..