Friday, June 26, 2009

..I've seen it

It was the day I woke up to your sound, found my heart in your sound,

brought you to my musical playground

and like records going round, it all comes back full circle!

It was the day i decided i wanted to move like you
not just physically, but world wide like you do...
i wanted to Move people through Music like you
so i drew a pretty picture of your childhood influencing mines
a broken story
not alike, but interwtined
...I've seen it.

*my response to "Childhood", a song written by Michael Jackson....

the day I fell in love with him/his music...I seen the investment (yet loss) in his childhood spark inspiration into mines!!! I look at dancers like Wade Robinson, Usher, Chris Brown, Neyo, etc & i see how Michael Jackson's career has effected so many people and their (dancing) careers!! OKAY...I hope i get over the sadness soon & start "posting as usual", but for the sake of this blog, again...I'm just SO sad =/

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