Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Lets Make a Toast: TO MY NEW JOB..(s) =D

I have been applying to jobs like crazy and now I have Two!!! I am SO ELATED, words can't express how happy I am! It's the exact position I was hoping for my entire senior year!! Although I waited until December to start applying (i graduated in December)..start earlier People (learn from my mistakes!! lol) However, So far Life is going according to plans!! Looking at the state of the economy, I even applied to mall jobs just to ensure I would be able to pay my small bills & have a little spending money. It's crazy because I went on the interview to the mall last week & snagged the job at a Saddidy clothing store (loves it, 70% discount!!...lol. although a tshirt is nearly $100! ha). I'm so HAPPY!!! And Today, like literally minutes ago, I got the call from another job, saying They want to train me this summer by making me a paid substitute before I start the New school year in Fall!!! =) How great is that...two jobs & they happen to be the 1st/only interviews I've done since graduation!! lol...As a Behavioral Therapist, I will be working with Autistic Children within the LAUSD school system...Yess this is a job with benefits yall!! I'm SO HAPPY!! lol....Furthermore, I only deal with one case (child) a year, two at most to ensure I build a relationship with the child making it easier to make progress!! These children are sometimes mute and well kept and sometimes they grunt and fight...So i'm definitely up for a CHALLENGE! But I am so Ready; I was born for this!! Clinical Psychology is what I breathe for...after I take Two puffs for JESUS!! ; ) lol....My hours are PERFECT...They're school hours so i get off any where between 2:30/3:00!! Best thing about it is, I should be able to keep the job at the mall (part time!) and soon my dream of moving in my own spot will become a reality!!! I'll keep my fingers crossed; don't wanna go into it thinking I'll absolutely adore the Challenge, but I am definitely GRATEFUL!!!! Hopefully before the year is out, I'll be able to blog about my apartment shopping as well as prospective grad school choices for 2010!....So many plans...so many hills...so many Mountains...Can't Turn back now!!! :)


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