Thursday, June 4, 2009

Degrassi's Drake?!

OMG....So all this time I never realized DRAKE is JIMMY FROM DEGRASSI!! late/out the loop am I?? (real people even say "out the loop" any more?!) But Man...since when did this foo sing & rap??! No wonder Degrassi stopped airing new episodes! I actually stopped watching years ago, but still....How did I NOT know/realize this??! I mean, I heard the songs "Brand New" & "Best I Ever Had", but I never seen a photo until just now! Like wow...He's really good! So was I the only one not knowing or what?? and simply say "you're the BEST" wasn't good enough huh??? Had to Show us "Degrassi" couldn't have him whipped like he some Disney poster child or something?! Lol...he going hard too...Talented dude!!

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