Friday, June 5, 2009


I hope that you're the one
If not you are the prototype....
well aint that some Pro-Typical mess?!
I guess I'm the one you can't afford so you'll settle for the knock-off
well i'll just Knock the chip off of your shoulder
Cuz You looking for me, everytime you hold her and when's she feeling insecure
I'm suddenly the one who has to mold her
as if you told her I was your personal ego-stroker
And then you scold 'er for knowing me & getting closer to the TRUTH
yeah, I'll be "THE ONE"...
the prototype chick who hangs you with these strings
thought you'd dangle me, turn me on & off like some machine?!
& when the tables were turned, Lo & behold, look who's Green...
They say curiosity killed the cat, but Jealousy changed the scene
Came strutting through with Amo looking lean
but best believe it was a PHAT surprise
couldn't trade the world, for that look within your eyes
that look suddenly pleading, with so many "why's"
so confused, creating your own Lies
so enraged, braking all the ties
so now you're undone
and I am still "the one"?!
well aint that some pro-typical mess!

*I like trash talking "love songs" & turning them into the fuel for "(ANTI)-poems!

undone 1
not done or completed; unfinished
undone 2
1. ruined; destroyed
2. unfastened; untied

CRAZY PUN:...UNDONE meaning UNTIED (no strings attached; "done"?!) YET UNDONE meaning INCOMPLETE, UNFINISHED (not done?!),& DESTROYED all at the same time?! aint THAT some PRO-TYPICAL Mess!

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