Saturday, June 13, 2009


wrapped in blankets of skin, we shared the silence.
you spoke in whispered gestures of carefully placed hands and strategically planted kisses. Holding me close, hoping someday I would be your Mrs. With wishes so far fetched, even Cupid hits and misses, so we settled for stolen moments alone. Within the mold of your arms, i was sheltered from harm of our reality, held high above numbered clouds, resisting the pull of gravity. Trying my best to avoid the open cavities within my heart...for all we knew, grew to unbearable volumes when we'd part, and the cycle of drowning the noise would always start all over again. Those cycles when my heart, so attached to my pen bled more than purple ink. from dust till dawn, the room spawn and all i could think about was You being without being without being with you and how simply "being" would never do, if doing was an action without you?! All these scenarios blowing out of proportion, climbing to heights of suffocating altitudes,
choking the love out of me.
and that is why WE share the silence.
I'd rather be mute,
speaking words of nonverbals,
acting a script with no rehearsals,
living life without reversals,
if it means I'll always have you...

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