Monday, June 1, 2009

"When words fail, MUSIC SPEAKS"

Do you remember the time,
Michael Blared from our stereo
Exposing When We Fell In Love,
I remember my prince
Awaiting tears from doves
But Thank God, they never cried
Then Marvin sighed,
What’s going On
Cuz suddenly nothing was right
You claimed you needed healing
Said let’s get it on tonight,
But you could never hold me
So when you let go, I took flight

I remember those times
When everything rhymed
The wind blew music
And love just chimed
But if the key changed Alicia
She’d quickly find the words to our broken ballad
Putting up walls and stalling
Last Night Keyshia kept calling
So now I’ve changed my mind

I Don’t
So turn off the lights
Blow out the candles
And close the door
There’s blood on the dance floor
And Michael’s moon-walking on the sun
This Time “I hate you” sounds like an old re-run
Telling me to “run away, as far as I need to be safe”
But too often you forget that true love lives in every place
Except here
Nothing’s left, but ashes taking up space
I’ve let it burn and now it’s your turn to reminisce…

Please touch me like this
All I want is your kiss
If I had one wish
We’d be best friends, enemies and lovers, back to friends again
If I knocked on the door you would let me in
So many games we played, but we couldn’t win
History made, came to an end
Ice box, heart done froze again
Love fell down and knocked the wind right out of you
Happiness gone, put a spin on things you do
So I’m no longer “caught up in the rapture” or glue
How bout a round of applause, this award goes out to few….
After thanking the fans of course I can only give thanks to you
You just like me and
I am just like you
* So many songs were stuffed in here (did you catch 'em all? from Michael to Alicia, Keyshia Cole, to Teddy P., Marvin G., Prince, Brandy, James Fauntleroy& Jamie Foxx,etc)! Some of these joints hold memories & some taunt memories. Like Neyo, I was kinda SICK so yeah...this was the result! lol...

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