Monday, June 8, 2009

When Words Fail...MUSIC Speaks

Verse:]So love was long gone but we still tried to make a wayAnd in the wrong direction but going hard any wayWe should've stop at the next stopBefore we had a head on collision(but were moving)were moving moving(no aww) on a train going going miles awayFrom home to home saying bye to yesterdayWere running running (running)from the painHoping we don't go insane(go insane)(I heard the)I heard the crash I saw the fire I held my chest It was a messWe tried to prevent it our hearts were to deep in it(deep in it)We had a train wreck(woah) we had a train wreck(woah)We couldn't prevent it we couldn't prevent it we couldn't prevent it(we couldn't prevent it)yea

*NEXT TO BRANDY, Dawn is one of my favorite female artist! Of course it's not too far of a jump (as their musical style is real similar); but both of them are the TRUTH! :)

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