Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Who's BAD?!

So as i mentioned, back in the day, me & my siblings (all 7 of them...8 includes ME)...we'd obsess over Michael all day while at the daycare!! They would let us stay in the room watching his videos because it kept us "quiet".

...although quiet consisted of Random yells, left leg kicks that sometimes landed on right side of faces, & just bizarre fanatic behavior!! lol...We'd come home taunting my mom...she allowed ONLY gospel in the House so we'd come home Chanting WHO'S BAD...Singing, dancing, and eventually getting on her LAST nerve!!

It's been a long time, but it's Crazy the way life works....Michael spoke of his Lost childhood yet i think many of his fan's childhood (like mine) are so memorable because He was in it!!! SO Lo & Behold, I arrived home from work and my 15 yr. old brother gave me the ultimate Flashback...& i couldn't help but join in on all the fun!! lol

Im Bad!

...You know It!

WHOs BAD!..I came home to all THIS!!

yo sistah!

yo brutha!! (MY brutha)

did i mention its my 8yr old sis jacket..with Fur cuffs! haha..WHOs BAD?!

LMBO...last minute wardrobe...can you see the Tape holdin it together D

lol...He stole our 9yr old sister's jacket that happens to have faux fur collar/sleeves, took our little brother's baseball glove, cut-out the fingers, stole my other sister's bracelets, had the audacity to Brake them (fake anyway!) AND TAPE them to the jacket!!! lmbO...then he gathered a bunch of loose chains and a studded belt...lol well HE TRIED!!!

yo butt is minezzzz!!!


by the way...all my brothers sing, but I'm the only sister who "sings" (technically we all do)...but yeah, so would that make me Janet?? nah...lol...funny, but true?!


Anonymous said...

ya'll R too funny!! those darn random yells are the funniest... i watched the way you make me feel video and was rolling... lol.

but def had the pazookie and yep.. there dishes are deep!! lol. i think i want the original one from chicago... i still aint had a new york "pie" yet. i heard they look at you funny if you dont call it a pie lol

Tip said...

cute! isn't it ironic that you had just posted about MJ and hi son the day or so before he died...just thought about that.

Shandra E...*the misses said...

OMG TIP...The irony is insane isn't it??!! lol...when you KNOW a person it's usually like "omg, but i was Just with him the other day"...lol..so i was like "OMG i was just stalking him online yesteraday"?? crazy all the same right?!!

And STARZ..LMBO, the way you make me feel has me cracking up too..Everytime he makes the shape of a woman's body with his hands & then "bones" the shape he just created!! LMBO it makes me LOL every single time he does it...cuz lawd knows he does that move like 5 times in the video!! But yesss...those yells!! haha

Ooh...&& i tell you, Deep dish from chi is amazing, but it'll definitely have you cringing & holdin' ya chest!! lmbo, i had heart burn SO BAD!! =(
it was good tho...so i'd cringe all over again just for another bite!! =p