Sunday, July 5, 2009

*California Love

Like Seasons we change
Love, naw…it stays the same
I'm talking winters never too cold
Trees, planted, but never too old
Love is golden sunshine beholding everything we've accomplished
Then comes spring, bringing new things
Rain, we can stand it
Flowers and candy
Never empty handed
That Romantic California Love
Things arctic lovers only dream of
Yet we stay koo
Never too hot or too cold, never too rough or too smooth
Love's a game, we break all the rules
Then comes school
We back in session,
Flipping page after page love's a long life lesson
Just don't know if we passing or failing???
My heart's so big, but my brain keeps swelling
Dwelling on past scenarios
And like the trees we sway
Like the leaves on the ground
We just couldn't stay
When nature calls you run and cover
Love once so high now falling under
Streaks of lightning bolts and sudden thunder
Winter's back again, still it's never too cold
Trees, planted, but never too old
It's a California love
Yep our love is golden sunshine beholding all the things we've accomplished
But if I'm completely honest
What's love without real seasons,
Or answers with no reasons
Always a new sky, but it's the same o' shade
Love without seasons??
That's a masquerade
Love's reduced to a game, we've just been played
And it's slightly chilling to even think this way
So back to hot hot summers
Planting seeds down under
Hoping things grow strong, but we could only wonder….

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