Friday, July 17, 2009

Deceiving Drake!!!

[Verse 1:]Deceiving you are the reason thatI don't believe in finding the love that I need and I'm Uncle Phil I switch wifey like every season
So I guess that makes u aunt Viv Until u take from me till the point that u can't give.And when I see u out I pass by it's offensive
But what u expect tho
Kinda direct yo
Cuhz all that dolce and gabana stuff was expensive
I told ya
Mr. Edwards I tried to save your daughter
But she wasn't satisfied with none of the things that I bought her
And wasn't tryna show up none of the places that I brought her
And couldn't utilize none of the things that I taught her
So I was just tryna upgrade you
I ain't ya understudy that tryna upstage you
I was ya other buddy that tried to front page you
Crown you
Get to know the people that surround you
Funny to think that I woulda white gowned you
Now we sit around the studio and clown you
Opps did I let that slip oh my bad did I let that slip
I can't forget that quick
[Hook:]Deceiving (you you you you deceiving)
Deceiving (you you you you are so deceiving)

This song is sooo Dope & so is his way of thinking & writing!! wow, He's Dope for real! And wow...he had to use my last you feel like the song is about you (not good btw!) or perhaps "it could be" if someone else spit it?! funny..

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