Sunday, July 5, 2009

Glass House

So hard yet fragile…
Your glare is piercing.

When you're empty you reveal your need for me

So translucent and open
So reflective
And it is then we are able to see
Without the things you put on and put in
Without the lies I believe in YOU

You are disguised and overlooked
But what would happen if I took a step closer

I reach out to touch
When you break you cut
so who dares to go bare before you?


I see your walls and your frame
I see your hurt and your shame
you are not so hard after all

I see your past and your present
A glimpse of our acquiescence
And I long to be your stain…

I look and through you
I see myself
I look through and in you
I see such wealth of LOVE
I see dreams and things unheard of…

You are not so empty after all

Full of air
I breathe you in
So who dares to knock on glass?
I belong within so who cares if I never asked

Even if you're full
My residue remains
A piece of ME on your windowpanes

I see your walls and your frame
I see your hurt and your shame
You are not so hard after all…


deonna said...

i must say that i thoroughly enjoyed reading this piece. cause i kind of feel this way right now.

it's like i am seeing past everything that this person is tryna put forth and seeing what they re really are about.

you got me wanting to write my own right now. lol.

Anonymous said...

i think ive read this before..but when somethings good, always feels new... any how...

to be hard and transparent... seems humbling..