Monday, July 13, 2009

here's my piece about my peace....

wow...I am never one to regret things in life and I probably never will. I usually find myself saying what i mean and meaning what i say and really words within themselves are so ambiguous, who besides me could know what i truely mean?! Still, i can look back on things i smiled at before and while i see no reason to smile, I cannot regret what hind sight bias has now brought to light...i can only adore every memory for being a lesson learned. I have no smiles stored away for you, no hugs with scents lodged within my memory and there are no "soft kisses" still felt upon these lips. When i say i am "over you", i would love to clarify! I'm saying, you no longer permeate my heart and that dart once pierced into the inner crevaces of me, has dissipated. I cannot find it nor do i long to search for it. Like the Isley's i have drifted so long on a memory and I remember 'you' no more. I know you no more and i no longer want to. our Love has "pretty wings" and thank God it finally takes it flight away from me. :) I am at peace with the emptiness you left, the fingerprints you smeared because love was a crime, but i am cleared of all charges. those fingerprints cannot be traced back to you because you are not even 'you' anymore! i keep trying to look back searching for moments of hapiness and i cannot find them; you have not given me sonnets and sappy love songs...all i have is crumppled letters and crappy love poems that echo love gone wrong. you have never given me surety
or exclusivity, but love was never exclusively ours and really
"love" was never i am okay.
and for now, this is all i have to say...


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