Thursday, July 9, 2009

How young is "too young" for MOTHERhood?

One of my friends from high school is awaiting the arrival of her foster son! Mind you, we have since graduated from College and are now young women, but YOUNG nonetheless. I have to admit, i have always wanted to be a foster mom, well not "always", but for quite some time now!! The daycare i went to (yes the one where we watched MJ for countless hours!) was also a foster home to many children of various backgrounds. I would later understand that some of these children were addicted to drugs themselves since birth, and others were abandoned by mothers too strung out on drugs to care, and every once in a while, a child would magically appear because someone suspected abuse within their home, and then without notice they would be gone! And then, there was the twins. The twins were fraternal: a boy and a girl, neglected by their mother because of the shame she had for their disabilities. It's ironic that i have such little patience for my own sisters and brothers, yet when a child is belittled, endangered, abused, neglected, or just overlooked, it breaks my heart!!!! If I had my own place and I cooked like "a mother" lol, i'd probably be a foster mom myself! I can definitely love like a mother, but i just wouldn't want to bring a child in my home without providing a near perfect home for them to reside! So i guess i have a lot to do (like duh, i'm getting but This is something my future/prospective husband would have to definitely be informed of because he would definitely have to "get with the program"!

It's something because now that i think, i have always been this way, even concerning animals. I'm the type who will only buy a puppy or pet from the pound; i don't want to support "breeders" when there are so many puppies who had a home & somehow lost it; it breaks my heart!!Still those house bred puppies will someday end up in the pound as well...

I swear i'm the hardest softy you'll meet!! And i'd even consider being a foster mom to teens, just to help them focus in school, make 'everything' of themselves, and overcome their circumstances! I have overcome so much and i suppose more than anything i want to see people thrive when the whole world is simply "crossing their fingers"! I believe in these kind of people and for whatever reason, God gave me a heart for them! Hence, my ongoing journey in becoming a Psychologist....

I just had a talk with my mom and she said she always wanted to do it as well...NO SURPRISE since she had EIGHT (technically 9) of her own!!! She thinks young people shouldn't be allowed, but it's a NEW TIME, babies are dying, being found in trash cans and river banks...& while we wait till willing "mothers" grow up, so many babies never will!


Kelly Nina Kiyyah said...

OH EM GEE!!! We have so much in common it's scary!!!! I agree with every single word you typed! YOUNG + CHILD = DISATSER waiting to happen. =/

FYI: We share many of the same favorite movies! "Love Jones"???? Get ouutttaa here!!! loooove it! lol! "Eagle Eye"... whoop whoop! "Brown Sugar" Yes ma'am!!! Quite a few others too! :P

TTYL! Be back soon!
-Kelly of *AF*

Shandra E...*the misses said...'s interesting because i realized that "9 times out of 10" when i'm commenting on your just so happens to be your individual post!!! it hit me that we must have a few things in common!!!