Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Love's a Mess

and i realize that the seasons have changed
but If i let go
i'll have to admit that i fell just like the rest of 'em
so i'll hold on just a little while longer
i'll appear to be just a little bit stronger
but in the end
we all meet up in the pile
-Shandra e.


Anonymous said...

vulnerable....... its hard looking in the mirror and seeing what you despise about other (girls).. is somewhere in you. (well me.. thats how i relate to this).. iono how many times i said.. "ill never be like that" lol. and like you said "we all meet up in a pile"

short.. & profound

Shandra E...*the misses said...

lately i've been googling extremely random pictures online to see what emotion i extract and apply....i guess it's a form of "abstarct art"?? lol...

but wow, i suppose i did manage vulnerability here afterall?! =)
its been a long time coming, but when you get over 'YOURSELF'....the little things no longer get 'Under' your skin...so yes, i fell, but.....

"ashes, Ashes, 'We all' Fall down"!
lmbo...& some of us learn to let it Burn ;)

Anonymous said...

and the picture is crazy... cause its a lone leaf.. on its own ... chillin.. independent.. and when fall comes around.....

swear.. i really like this. as you can see (weirdo) lol

it'sok2bu*nique* said...

love love love this....you always keep it short yet sweet all wrapped up with wisdom...this can be seen on so many levels