Thursday, July 23, 2009

SYTYCD:This Woman's Work..*fighting breast Cancer

Ade and Melissa perform a breathtakingly beautiful dance about a woman fighting and dealing with Breast-cancer! He is my favorite male dancer of the season and Together they are the perfect pair!!!! I'm so glad they reunited for this piece by Choreographer Tyce!!! ...AND LOVE MY MAXWELL so the song choice was Perfect!

If you don't watch this are missing out on some of the most beautiful depictions of TRUE ART!!!! Dance is interpreted in a way not quite seen before & i just adore the way these two dancers gave such raw have to youtube the longer version...the judges were all in Tears (esp. Mia Michaels!!) and the audience was emotional as well. Truly Beautiful!!


Juicy Carter said...

im mad i keep missing this dag on show. ive seen one episode lol

Shandra E...*the misses said... have to watch!!! Wednesdays (performance) And Thursdays (results night)!!

lol....don't sleep on it!

Tori said...

ii remember this magnificent performance! ii cried first time ii saw this. ii just did again.