Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Thunder & Lightning

a match made in heaven never guarantees a perfect love without pain...we may float upon clouds, but even cloud nine, is bound to rain....

sunny days, everybody loves them
but we would rarely share those moments
and we clashed
you always had a way of showing your true colors
and i always had a lot to say
and for us, love was just that way
...a bunch of noise
still we could stand the rain
so in love, we fell
casting a spell on the universe
universally spelling out love in reverse
how could you be so evil
we were two different people
for years you controlled the story
so i wrote the sequel
so there
we're equal
as Jhene ( would say "this is what happens when one poem leads to the next"
...and still they are all interconnected to the title! Collectively, this symbolizes the constant battle between Thunder & lightning...they may go back & forth, but someone will always have the last words...Lightning Strikes; Thunder rawrs...respectively ;)

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MsRitaJanay said...

i absolutely love this!! im not much of a poetic person, but i SOO get this lol. Wonderful job and it keeps up perfectly with the title and anyone in a relationship like this!