Thursday, July 9, 2009

You're My Addiction...

Watch the Entire Dance!!! Also watch the intro before the dance....They happen to be dancing to one of my Favorite songs 'GRAVITY' by Sara Bareiles!!!

WOW...did you see that sinister grin he had at the end of the routine: as if he only let her go because he knew she'd come right back!!! MAN...I wish i would've (professionally)nurtured my love for dance when i was a i can only Admire it... dance is a form of art that moves and i have always been a lover of ART.

Mia Michaels choreographed this piece; she's amazing!! If you don't watch this show (SO You Think You Can Dance) you should :)


Juicy Carter said...

I thought it was beautiful, I wish I could have been a dancer too. they are all extremely talented

deonna said...

that was AMAZING!! i'm sad cause i missed this episode. mia michaels' choreography is always brilliant.

i also with i would've nurtured my love for danced when i was young. i was just telling my cousin this and he said, "it's never too late." i want to believe that.

Shandra E...*the misses said...

Deonna, yeah i'm not too hopeful either! As we get older, our bodies are not as "responsive" as they used to be so training would be sooo hard!! I used to cherograph things in elementary so much, lol, they even let me & my friends put on a dance for our graduation!! All through Jr High i was in dance, but it wasn't as rigorous as i needed if i wanted to be NURTURED for real!! and once H.S came along, i did dance one semester & just kind of let it go =/

either way, i'll appreciate "the arts" for ever in various forms, music, theatre, sculpture, paintings, dance, etc!! it may not be "in my blood", but it's definitely "skin deep"!! lol

MIA Michaels & Wade Robinson just take Dance to another element of ART...i just Love/adore them both!!!

Shandra E...*the misses said...