Tuesday, August 4, 2009

all i need is TODAY...

Good morning love one, sure lookin good today
i hope you have a good day; did i say i love you
you're lookin' mighty fine, matta fact you look that way all the time,
but i'm just saying this in my mind
taking it forgranted that the world is going round
it's just spinnin' round & round, that's why....

I Don't need a Valentine's day to tell you how much I love you
don't need an anniversary to tell you how much I care
Don't need a Holiday to tell you how i feel
all i need is Today

Congratulations, for all the big moves you makin'
inspite adversity you're facin
i'm so proud of you
i'll tell you how i feel, we'll have a deep conversation
except this is just my imagination
some how i've got to tell you cuz the world is spinnin' round...

That's why I don't need a Valentine's day to tell how much I love you
don't need an anniversary to tell you how much i care
don't need a Holiday to tell you how i feel
all I need....
All I need is Today...Today....
Hey, all I need is TODAY :)

PJ Morton Pictures, Images and Photos

Written, arranged, and performed by grammy award winning songwriter from New Orleans: PJ MORTON!! happens to be one of my favorite artist. If you're interested in hearing the song, it's #78 on my playlist (bottom of pg)!! He is responsible for songs like "Interested" by India.Arie, "Dear John" by Musiq SoulChild, and a few others.....


d. said...

great song!! i think i shall go listen to more of his stuff now. any suggestions?


Anonymous said...

bomb!! love this song.. such a great artist!

Anonymous said...

i heard it for the first time on your playlist...that I actually sat kept your page up and listened to. But yes I absolutely love this song. and i can't find it on youtube = (

it'sok2bu*nique* said...

love this dude:)

Shandra E...*the misses said...

D and Chymere: Yae! lol...i'm glad you guys love 'em!! So i buy all of his albums so it's pretty hard to list my favs since i totally adore everything he's evr written!! lol...i'd suggest seriously checking him/his stuff out via:



I WILL SAY that when I 1st heard of him "THIS FEELING" and "THE WAY WE WERE" were 2 of my initial favorites!! he has three albums now, so my list has grown extensively!! lol...hope you like more of what you hear!! :)

YOUTUBE HIM though; his live performances are great...like who remixes the "CHEERS" theme song?!! lol...AND STARZ & "I.O.T.B.U", isn't he dope?! :)

Yan Tan said...