Tuesday, August 18, 2009


Feb. 25, 2009

Something’s burned…

Flames cleared
Smoke disappears to reveal these fallen ashes

And like the past, they tell the story of what was

Perhaps they are the embers of shooting stars,
The remains of crashing cars as they collapse two driving forces

They are the remnants of broken hearts

Perhaps they are two lovers torn too far,
bridges burned

The residue of bruises and scars

They are the trails of faded tears

And with the passing of years,
The debris of memories come crashing down

Colors turn
Lesson learned as I stand facing the black and gray
I close my eyes
Say my goodbyes and blow the ashes away……….

*Ashes, Ashes…We all fall down
In a relationship, two lovers get nowhere…year after year they revert to a game of tug of war, a push and pull of emotions as they waste each other’s time. They are going in circles on a bumpy rollercoaster ride when suddenly love so hot, becomes too hot to handle. The smoke clears and only ashes remain…they fall to the wayside in shame. Love dies; the cause: the game.

I’m reminded of a playground game in which we all make rings around the “rosies”; and while I am not sure of the mentioned “tosies”, the song blatantly proclaims: WE ALL FALL DOWN!!
For some reason, what appears to be an innocent game of circles suddenly turns deadly as we become ashes falling to the ground?! While no child is concerned with the concept or consequence of the game, I had to stop and laugh at the message. The song produces no happy ending; instead it is a definite fall after a game of circles!

So I’m sure I have you thinking in so many directions and perhaps you’re wondering how and why I even decided to tamper with a school ground nursery rhyme?! Well, like preschool children, adults succumb to playing games! These games are played in relationships, in our spiritual walks with Christ, the workforce, etc. However, like the song implies, we can only go in circles, but so long! After a while, everyone playing the game gets burned and like ashes…

-Shandra e.

*Everything in my blog is "original" unless stated...meaning i'm tired of "signing" my name!! lol

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Anonymous said...

My gosh your words are like a love from a past life! I was told many tales of the ashes and they all have a definite fall at the ending. I was always curious tho to how it even became a classic nursery rhyme. I love the poem to at the beginning. It's beautiful. We have to collab one day!

-Chymere A.