Wednesday, August 12, 2009

He's no "Indian" Giver....

Michael Jackson's death has been a reality for nearly 2 months and although the world still seems to be grieving, some of the family members seem too eager to embrace a past time called "FAME"! The moment Michael graced the scene in August of 1958, he was a star and the world became his galaxy...his sisters and brothers: mere planets tucked away in his shadow. They were the Jacksons; five boys made way for the entire family's rise to fame & fortune. And once the glow of Michael's "stardom" dulled whatever hope was left for his brothers, he broke away.

At age 25, he dropped Thriller, and 25 years later, we dropped our jaws in shock as we sat glued to our television sets: "Michael Jackson, the King of Pop is dead". Every channel was reporting repetitive messages and as if the repetition needed to be drilled into the comprehensive parts of our brains, we listened, hanging on to the very strings the media used to keep us all tuned in. And suddenly, it wasn't just the media.

After years of failed attempts at success, desperate cries for attention have now morphed, over night, into "acceptance of anything thrown their way"! Joe Jackson says "yes, Omar Bhatti is his son", Jermaine seems to be interviewing every other morning and La Toya...well she's just La Toya: always thriving and surviving,...because of Michael. So "because of Michael"....we all seem to be in a fast forward motion when really i just want to PAUSE!! I can care less whether he "biologically" participated in the conception of his children or whether he had hair on his head during the autopsy?! I don't want to dig up another "probable love child" or "could've been/ should've beens" wanting to be his prodigy!! I just want to grieve and most importantly remember the man who changed the entire scope of American/World MUSIC! And eventually, i want to move on....and as bittersweet as that may sound...i'm just tired of being emotionally bullied by all the drama! Every tabloid, all the magazines, every lie, every truth...just PAUSE and let the man 'rest in peace'...or at least in LOVE.

And I suppose, it is TRUE: Michael Jackson has always been a giver, even after death. To his children, he left his money, but to his family....he left his fame!

-Shandra e.

AND NO this is NOT a "jackson family" bash! I love the Jackson 5/the entire jackson family! This is just a "tell it like it IS" moment...and soon this moment will be gone; i'll be over the "just in news" regarding La Toya...tomorrow will arrive and just like today...i'll remember the time when we fell in love: before the tabloids and after he moonwalked right into our little hearts :)lol... i get all "mushy, gushy mya angelou" when it comes to Michael...smh just bullied i tell you! &&& i realize i have been covering MJ since the day before his death, but, alright i'm working on it... (, not so much)

*disclaimer for the "blog title" ;D

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