Tuesday, August 11, 2009

in your absence...

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i feel like we're back in grade school and someone just called role
except i'm present..and you're not
and then i realized...you've missed a lot
i almost state my presence in shame
i sit there looking at the doors to life
wondering if this is all a game i never chose to play
still if you were here, you'd only say "smile"
you'd remind me of my tears and the stains they leave on my face
you'd remind me i'm no longer in grade school
...i've come a long way
still without you the way is hard
and with you i know i'd only disregard the reality of TODAY
but what am i to say
when they call your name
when the role is called and you're not here
my fear is that we'll all forget
or maybe we'll remove you from the list
you'd think after so long i'd be past all this
but you're not "present" so how do i get past the past
and how do we make the memories outlast the sorrow
how do i live through today when for you there's no tomorrow
if only i could borrow forever...
i'd never let you go...

when the hurt disappears guilt fills it's place trying hard to keep you near
and like shears reality cuts in
i cannot hold on to what is gone
and though my heart is as empty as the space between my fingers
i clench to dear life
i am here and you are not
it's been so long, but i aint forgot
we used to be yep..you-and-me
a past so full of destiny
a love plus one and eternity....

*life is like a journey and love is like a book....eventually it all ends...
but in your absence, i'll "pretend" we've only "paused"

Shandra e.


supa.starrr said...

wow that's deep but beautiful.

Juicy Carter said...

love it, i wish i could write poetry

Shandra E...*the misses said...

Thanx so much to both of you!! truly appreciated :)