Friday, August 14, 2009

Late Night Laugh!!...& another thing, i hate Bony Fingers!

So many cute/funny things in here!! lol...just makes you love and laugh till you almost want to cry, but then you just get mad thinking about that doggone Doctor!!!

x-/ .......SO THEN you watch it again, just to remember how funny/cute it is!! awww lol

i've seen this a billion times & that coat hanger part still gets me going!


Anonymous said...

love love love this!! i think i watched it a billion times.. you should watch the HD one.. so you could see his cute lil face clearer... im still in love.. i think somethings wrong w/ me.. i watch at least one lil michael/j5 video once a day..... at least one. lol .. i go in in... smh.. did u see the one of them in concert and he was literally working the stage.. talking... he was so comfortable running the show... and he called all of them one by one to "be themselves" (they were singing... "thank you"... for letting me be my self). thats a good one.. the quality is terrible (if u havent seen it) but he's so entertaining that you forget...

Shandra E...*the misses said...

LOL...i've been wondering if something is wrong with me?!! but i just KNEW i'd find you HERE!! lol...we love us some Michael/J5!! and yep, i watch youtubes every single day, & the videos & dvd's we have!! but my problem is I tend to repeat things i've seen SOOOO much that there is still TOO many I haven't seen!! lol...i'll look for the one you mentioned!!

I swear, My moms was scared before...SPAa! She's hott now...cuz we all in LOVE all over again, but now it's worse...I actually 'Know' what the lyrics are (PYT is something else...idk, does anyone actually realize exactly what MJ is saying "i'll take you there"??!!) LMBO....moms used to HATE when i'd walk around singin & now i know whyyy!!! lol Michael's writing is amazing & i fell in love before, but it's brand new now because I actually have a real understanding of his skill/technique...before i was simply "wooed"!! lol...I can LOVE him forever & ever and find new reasons everyday!!....yep, perhaps that's a "problem", *shrugs BUT i'm okay with that!! lol