Friday, August 21, 2009

*Simply Human

I love that I am not exempt from Humanity and that it's okay to be HUMAN: simply that...nothing more or less! I can type a post affirming my "greatness" one minute and the very next, i can expose my fears! lol...So....if you allow your eyes to drop down (post below), you'd see me preaching on the soap box, but if you re-focus, you'll see that deep down, i'm still this "bubbly" chick with a not-so "squeeky clean" outlook.

  • I am someone who finds it easy to empower myself, yet more than anyone, i know how to Tear ME down!

  • sometimes i feel like "MS. INDEPENDANT" and i love it; other times i despise it! That "processed" woman has been both trashed & glorified by society. On one hand, she is a woman who's got her Own; she walks & talks like a boss, BUT on the other hand...she is "too hard" or "too much to handle" because aside from the material things, her THOUGHTS are independant. She frees herself, knows herself, loves herself, and sometimes intimidate men, having them to think she only needs Herself! (wrong)

  • I want to cut my hair Really short, BUT a part of me fears it'll drag me further into the "Ms. independant" Cliche'?! Or even worse, it'll bring me closer to the "typical" pile of women, enslaved by societal views.

  • Sometimes, I feel safer sharing certain parts of ME with complete strangers than i do with some of the people i've known forever. It makes me question the poeple i know.

  • People assume i'm cocky or snobby, or sadiddy, BUT IT's QUITE THE CONTRARY! When you've been through everything I've been through and had to tell Yourself "it'll be okay"....You walk with a sense of power, knowing IF NO ONE ELSE, I have MYSELF!

-Shandra e.


supa.starrr said...

i feel you on the last one.
after going through so much
you can either let it defeat you
or walk w| your head high through
the fire.
that's just another factor in
determining your greatness

it'sok2bu*nique* said...

girl you have a way of writing and giving ovbers a message...

this is the state im in right now...i am somewhere between being ms. independent and ms. vulnerable...but in essence, i am happy i am only human!

Shandra E...*the misses said...

supa.starrr: totally agree! One's hardship can be a springboard into a life pre-destined for greatness!! & sometimes people allow it to KEEP them down.

IO2BU: isn't it a trip the way it all works out! The one assumed to be the "hardest" is usually the most vulnerbale YET she's strong, WISE and beautiful for protecting herself from a life of stigmas....still people fail to see the "humanity" in that! they label her "superwoman" & assume she's too "self-sufficient", etc...Ms. Independant is a special woman to be; she's the closest thing to REAL-ity! :) she has un-adulturated thoughts and actions; she's TRUE to herself, her God And her sounds like a "punch line"?!!

and note: a woman who simply "got her own" does not epitomize "independant"; "Ms. independant" is a 'mentality' that not many people truly have!! Some of those women with "their own" or SO dependant on society's approval & idea of "success" that they've lost themselves....Oh it gets deep! ;)

Bianca S. said...

i totally agree with u on da 2nd to da last. i think that is tho because when you barely know someone, there opinion doesn't matter as much...there judgment is tiny compared to someone u have known forever n luv

Shandra E...*the misses said...

Bianca you are so right!!!! When we don't know the person, we have a "comfortable excuse" to fall back on, in the case they do judge: "well....they don't know me 'like that' anyway"!!! lol it's not always right, but it's true...and funny!

Mellanie said...

"""Sometimes, I feel safer sharing certain parts of ME with complete strangers than i do with some of the people i've known forever. It makes me question the poeple i know."""

isnt it like this for everyone? its just easier this way...
i feel like you rarely ever REALLY know anyone...or trust anyone.