Sunday, August 16, 2009

Time Travelers Wife: Love vs. the Passing of Time

has a wonderful way
of showing us
what really matters.
-margaret peters

"The Time Traveler’s Wife follows a man (Eric Bana) who spontaneously time travels. The story, which is based on the bestselling novel by Audrey Niffenegger, deals with the complications his affliction causes to his relationship as he pursues a normal life with the woman he loves (Rachel McAdams), appearing and disappearing throughout the timeline of her life".

After watching this movie, I realized that although we may never have enough time, LOVE.IS.ALWAYS! & When we truly have love, it never dies...we could race to the end of time, sprint past infinity and find that LOVE is the only survivor!
-Shandra e.

So then I realized, while true LOVE is guaranteed a shot at forever, relationships are NOT....relationships Fail. People are not perfect and niether is love. BUT real LOVE is beautified in imperfection, so i suppose i want to know: WERE SOME OF US IN LOVE...Or were we simply in "RELATIONSHIP"???

...and they say hindsight bias knows best ;)


Tricia said...

Just realised there were relationship i was in with no love, love this spot.

supa.starrr said...

i'm trying to find this movie online
NOW. lol

have you read the book?

Shandra E...*the misses said...

SupaStarrr:Nope, I haven't read the book, BUT i read "LOVELY BONES" which is soon to hit theatres as well!!! I can't wait!!!
&& I have watched so many movies online!! lol well not many at all, but i sure snuggled up to watch Twilight For the 1st time...ONLINE!! ;)

Tricia: isn't it crazy...sometimes what people think is love is nothing more than a relationship not worth holding on to?!! And even when the relationship is over, if it was truely love...i believe the Love will stand/last. It may change forms and "severity" But it never dies...

Sarah Camille said...

I love this...