Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Why you so OBSESSED With Me!!

1st semester of college, sitting alone reading The BIBLE!! (lmbo OH THE IRONY!!!) when this guy comes over & says "he hopes i don't mind"...I DID, but being that i was reading the BIBLE, i let it slide! lol...So he remains quiet at first, But then interrupts my read to tell me a specific scripture to turn to! I get there, & it's that scripture "he that findeth a wife findeth a good thing & finds favor with God" or something like that!!! OK SO MY RADAR IS UP....Already!!! I'm the biggest skeptic EVER!!! but we laugh it off & he tells me he's just messing around; Proverbs is his favorite book of the Bible (No kidding MINES TOO!!!)

So we talk for about an hour AND A HALF! lol we even discuss his desire to join the army & how i don't "support" those kind of "notions", etc....until i mention i have to go to class; he offers to walk me to class & ask for my Number: I SAY NO! but he keeps asking even saying "we have a lot more to talk about...i feel like you're exactly the person i need to talk to about whether i should go to the army or not"!! BOO-FREAKIN-HOO i give in right?! So he calls that night....SAYS ABSOLUTELY NOTHING ABOUT THE ARMY...only ask if i'm a "real church girl" because "we're the freakiest"??? What The?!! starts telling me he can "please me" I LAUGHED & LITERALLY CALLED HIM an EMP (demon)!!! LMBO...i told him i had to go because his conversation was TOO inappropriate & besides "i'm involved with someone" && HE had nerve to bust me out & say "WHO JESUS"???

LMBO well Dang YES JESUS!!! AND ;-p

Next day: He's Waiting outside of my class!!!! i say hi & go in...when i come out he's gone!!!Next day He's sitting at The EXact same Table he met me at (i would sit there everyday!!)....So i bypass.....later that day i go into the library & he's there so i leave!! LMBO....mind you he has been calling & texting "just to say Hi" or "good morning/goodnight" never anything too long, but Still!!! So weeks go by & i never see him, only an occasional "good night or i miss talking to you (we only spoke Once!??).

For some reason i'm scared!!! ...to the point i would always have someone on the phone with me while walking to my car at night (my guy friends started getting annoyed saying i only called when i was afraid i'd be raped?! lol)!!! One day *he calls & leaves a msg...."i didn't want anything, but i just don't understand what happened to us, we use to be cool & now i can't even FIND you....next time i call, you should pick up...even if we don't say nothing; i just wanna know you breathing"!!!! LMBO i nearly remember that WORD FOR WORD!!!!

So by now I'm TERRIFIED "i can't even FIND you"??! What the....that means he's looking!!!! so about 2/3 days after the msg. i'm sitting at the table where we met for the 1st time since we met (stupid)& i'm on the phone telling a friend about the whole thing (oh the freaking IRONY!!!!) when suddenly two arms are down on the table, hovering over me like prison bars!!! lmbo (he wasn't skinny, but his arms just appeared & made me feel like a HOSTAGE!!) so i go OFF & tell him he don't know me, don't walk up on me like that, etc!!!
He's with his friend & totally blows off the fact that i went off & simply Introduces me: shandra this is *Trey. Trey this my girl Shandra"??!! WHAT THE??!!! so i bust him out & say, we Had ONE conversation...i don't Know you!!! (just going off right...&& all the while my friend is on hold nearly hyperventilating from Laughing So hard?!!) ...so then He tells me, he's having a special service at his church, drops the address (oMg it was literally Blocks away from my house!!!!) and says next time i don't have to be soo mean; he'll talk to me later, "i gotta go, but call me when you get home"???!!


We never spoke or saw each other after that, but I definitely Concluded he was CRAZY/PSYCHOTIC!!! It was as if he literally created a whole world/relationship in his head!!! & the way he "kept his composure" in front of his friend like I was the Crazy Girlfriend or something!!! lmbo...To this day His number is in my phone with a SIREN as the ring tone Just in case he ever "pops up" again!!!...and it's been a few yrs, but Idk, he scared the mess out of me!!! lmbo...probably why I changed my major to PSYCHOLOGY!!! ;)

My friend just brought up all this DRAMA a few months ago; it seems to be her "go-to" moment of laughter whenever she's bored!! =/ && I was only motivated to give this crazy guy "air time" because of the girls at ALMOST FAMOUS latest blog: OBSESSED!!! http://www.theafgirls.com/
I suggest you read theirs as well!!! ;D


d. said...

oh gosh. CRAZY!!!! I'm glad this guy left you alone. I would've been scared too. I don't do well with crazies. I would've had a restraining order if the problem persisted. but i'm not even gonna lie though. I laughed while reading this.


Shandra E...*the misses said...

LMBO....i can laugh now, but then i was seriously scared!!!! && I'm sooo serious, OH THE IRONY has never been so REAL!! my friend was literally sitting on that phone 'DYING' tryning not to laugh & choking on Air!! lmbo (that what she get!) and that guy...I can't even remeber his name..after all it was only ONE conversation!!! He was OFF!!! smh...

lol..one of my guy "friends" still *resents me for some of those calls i made JUST to say "HI, can you virtually walk me to my car right now"!! lol...

Shandra E...*the misses said...

Oh Gosh...it just came to me...VENNY!!! lol...seee even his name seems like STALKER MATERIAL!!! lol...

Kelly Nina Kiyyah said...

lmaooooooooooo!!!! That is exactly what psycho dudes do...they creat a fantasy in their head! They start looking for you, "missing you" and etc. This was def a good laugh. I'm sure it wasnt then. The funniest part to your whole story is the fact that his ringtone is a SIREN!!!! *crying laughing!!!!!!*

-Kelly of *AF*

Anonymous said...


I'm over here rollin!!! That is crazy!