Sunday, August 23, 2009

With a child's heart...

With A Child's Heart Go face the worries of the day

With a child's heart Turn each problem into play

No need to worry no need to fear

Just being alive makes it all so very clear

With a child's heart Nothing can ever get you down

With a child's heart You've got no reason to frown

Love is as welcome As a sunny sunny day

No grown-up thoughts To lead our hearts astray

Take life easy, so easy nice and easy

Like a child so gay and so carefree

The whole world smiles with you As you go your merry way

Oh with a child's heart Nothing's gonna get me down

-(young) michael jackson

learn to love...with a child's heart! :)

such a beautiful song
that first line gets me everytime!
and when he says "take life easy"....*sigh..
if only it could be as easy (& magical) as he sang it


it'sok2bu*nique* said...

awww...still cant believe hes gone

supa.starrr said...

love this...