Wednesday, August 26, 2009

You aint worth it...

Camouflage: by Brandy


I'm a work in progress
I'm a seed grown into a flower
I'm a storm that's rising
Getting stronger with every hour
And god knows i ain't perfect
Tell me who in the world is
All i know is that i'm searching For somebody to love me with

These flaws i've got There all apart of who i am
Take me, Or not
Cuz i finally understand
I'm so done trying to be everything you want
And i had to stop
Cuz baby you ain't worth it if I've got to camouflage
For love, for love
No i won't camouflage
For love, for love I won't camouflage

I need a lot of improvement
Not even half way to destiny
But i'm a train that's moving
And everyday i'm picking up speed
And god knows you ain't perfect
So who are you to put pressure on me
That's why i'm still searching For somebody to love me with

These flaws....

I've learned from my mistakes
The only way you're gonna be happy Is if someone's down to take YOU
when it's good and it's bad you see
I tried giving half of me
In the end i came up empty
And that's why i'm searching, yeah, For somebody to love me with these flaws

So No it aint worth it, If I gotta Camouflage!
Baby, You aint worth it...If I gotta Camouflage!

such an "I AM WOMAN" joint!! lol...something every woman should have embedded within the crevaces of their being: "I WON'T CAMOUFLAGE"
for you OR aint worth it! ;p

#33 on the playlist!!


stacie-ann said...

ooh. yes. i dont like brandy but i like this song. its real truh & i jus blogged about this same shit.

Shandra E...*the misses said...

Oh wow... "no brandy"??? that hurt! =/

lol....but yep, it's a great song; good message behind it & her vocals are Bomb!!!

Anonymous said...

up... some of the truest lyrics ever wrote!
so true... those words need to be repeated so you'll be saying them BY HEART!

Shandra E...*the misses said...

STARZ: ooh the way you emphasized "repeated so you'll be saying it "BY HEART" just gave me an idea!! (or better yet perhaps it's the very idea/concept you're dropping???) i might have to refference/quote you for my next post!! lol...