Wednesday, September 23, 2009

128 and overweight???! wow....

back from Denver with 10 extra lbs.
2008*actually 138 on the pic.

Most people who know & see me on a regular basis assume i'm this itty bitty, bite-size woman! && Because I stand 5ft tall, they're halfway right! However, there's a LIFE SIZE problem and looks can be deceiving!! During my 1st year of college, I took a BMI: BODY MASS INDEX TEST and discovered although i appear to be this petite woman with seemingly no reason to complain...I am beyond UNHEALTHY!! in 2005 my BMI tested out to "31"....which means i was seriously OBESE although i was only 130lbs!! They say it's hard for a pimp, but naw...being healthy is HARD for a petite! Especially if your culture naturally carries a little extra!

In spite of my "health issue", i found myself losing the freshman 15 instead of gaining it like all my peers and even when i gained it all back, it fell together much differently! All along my weight has been bouncing up & down between a give/take of 15lbs for a few years without any real effort?! Still, today, at 23 I am Overweight (no longer "obese" so yay! lol).....

SO, Here's the Goal: A great blogger

gave her readers a WATER CHALLENGE & I decided to take it on: 8 cups (8ounce glasses) of H2O a day for six weeks!! Sounds easy...& familiar?! Well, it's a vital health choice i have disregarded my entire life.....I'm the person who refuses to pay for water, rarely drinks water, & liable to get sick because i NEED water! But all ends! Thanks to "Sunshine", i'm taking on the challenge & along the way, i'll be watching my BMI as well as my weight, & urine color!!

Ironically, This topic popped back in my life at the perfect time!! Just earlier today, i noticed my feet were swollen =/
*like it's really scary because Diabetes runs in my family...& i'm already hypoglycemic...& anemic! yeah i got issues! LMBO, no but seriously, i need to get a Grip because this is LIFE-SIZE and my health needs to be a priority whether it outwardly reads PROBLEM or not!

IF you want to get on board or need more info, feel free to ask questions OR just run over to Sunshine's blogsite for all the details & benefits you're destined to experience!! :)

at the same time, this topic is hard to grasp because i'm BLACK (& i'm proud...say it LOUD) & well, i need & want a little (maybe alot) extra! lmBo ;)


Anonymous said...

THAT IS COMPLETE BS! 131 is not over weight. uggghhh society pisses me OFFFFFFFFFFFFff!

Bianca S. said...

i was da same way because i randomly started gaining weight. but what you should do, is just work out and tone it up. don't mind da weight, as long as u dont get sloppy with it.

Shandra E...*the misses said...

Chymere: Just looking at the numbers...131 (128/138, etc) is not overweight at all!!!

However, my Body Mass Index is HIGH...too HIGH for my small frame!!! I've always wanted to be bigger so i would over-eat with no concern about my finally caught up to me; the thing is so many "small" people can be the least healthy.
...unfortunately, I'm one of them!!

My BMI represents how much FAT i have harbored on the inside, around my heart, arteries, etc!!
and Petite people have it hard because our frames tend to be any "extra" weight will look ten pounds heavier on me than it will on someone a few inches taller!...But I agree, SOCIETY is not figuring in cultural differences & values!! ...i'n sure the numbers are favored towards the standard "white" beauty...

Bianca: SO TRUE!! still, I'm naturally skinny so toning up means getting healthy & dropping fat (which i worked hard to get! lol) my frame is at it's healthiest when my Body.Mass.Index is lower...therefore resulting in less Body Fat...meaning Less weight...

I'm just hoping i have "woman" parts when all is said & done! lol...i already blend in with teens...don't wanna pass for 5th graders too! lol