Sunday, September 6, 2009

Blog Breakdown

So, I realize I have quite a few Labels & perhaps you don't know what they mean:

TILII: - Basically, on most cases i will find a photo online that may appear "silent" on the surface level, but we all know a picture says a thousand i've decided to give My interpretation of the photo by Telling the story like it Is (or how i see it). Because i'm an extremely "relational" person, i rarely pull words out of a hat, meaning many times, these post will have some direct link to Me personally & sometimes they'll simply be my way of painting a random picture....

Lyrics That Breathe: basically, exactly what it says...these are lyrics that have a message! The message could be inspirational or something i consider a nice interpretation of love. && Usually these lyrics breathe because they represent parts of my own love/life....they breathe for me in a sense and allow me to Exhale! hey, music is therapy?! (but GOD's the cure) ;) lol &&& sometimes they're just something Dope/Worth while i want people to know, but it's already been said...something we all need to hear & perhaps apply to our lives?! When lyrics breathe, we ought to take notice...

Whose Line: words are sooo ambiguous; they can be intended for one meaning, but perceived to have another! these post emphasize the ambiguities of words by using the same exact phrase for different scenarios/ evoke different meanings! I've learned that many times, in love and in Life, we speak the same things in different languages...

The Scoop: Not so much a "gossip column" more like here's the nitty gritty about Me or what's going on in the open public....In these posts, I try to stay away from sketchy sources and things rumored to be kept "low profile" (yet glorified as gossip)....mainly, it's ME aside from the poetry and music...just the scoop on who I am: where i've been, what i've learned, ect (also stands for LESSON LEARNED)

Poetry Lounge: Obviously it's full of poetry! lol I LOVE WORDS & manipulating them to provoke thought! These posts are a reflection of me, you, humanity, love, life etc. I love saying familiar things in a new light using not so familiar concepts! lol...I think you'll love it??! =)

WORD: We all have something to say...But more importantly GOD has something to say!! Here's where you can find inspirational proverbs & scriptures or even poetry! I Love GOD too much to keep him to myself...these post are my way of sharing My God, without imposing my views, yet emphasizing the love, joy and wisdom he brings to one's life :)

well, If you're a new follower or you've been following for a while & just missed a few of my earlier posts, browse around & find your favorite sections of my blog...leave comments, debate, critic, & inquire...i'm interested in it all!

Shandra e.

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