Tuesday, September 1, 2009

The Game

Like all the other viewers i will be P.O if my show THE GAME does not return to CW and i just might ban that network since they seem to be banning all my favorites!!

Every once in a while i still have flash backs from Girlfriends; oh the Trauma!! lol...but Seriously, I want The Game to come back....Derwin & Tia's relationship is crazy, dramatic, reminiscent, just everything made for good tv. and Malik is funny, cocky and not to mention his Mom's (Tasha Mack) has me dying every week!! & Jason & Kelly's relationship, is an interesting/comical twist to a biracial couple where Jason, a NFL football player , happens to be the cheapest guy on the planet! Overall, the characters capture a variety of social classes (or clashes for that matter: the single life, infidelity, single parent-homes, biracial relationships, groupies & stardom, riches & fame, all while juggling "the game"! Not to mention both Malik & Derwin look good! lol.. I still catch the re-runs on B.E.T along with Girlfriends, but I 'll have a fit if it's all i'm left with...a Fit i tell you!!! lol

MEANWHILE: Look Who's COUPLED UP!!! =D how cuuute!

Hosea Chanchez (malik) & Tamera (the other sister..sister) are out for dinner in L.A and lo & behold Tia & her ring decided to join!! lol

how cute i hope it Works out!!

I Love that they're rocking their natural curls again; been a long time since we've seen it that way! BTW Tamera had a show: ROOMMATES on FoxFamily channel, but it seems it may have cancelled =/ I actually loved the show! It was a nice little comedy like Friends, except there happened to be a Black Rommate, WhOA?! ;o)


MsRitaJanay said...

girl i was SOOOO upset when they started acting like there wont be another season. I loved that show sooooo so much and it just is NOT fair!

supa.starrr said...

i used to love that show until melanie became a ho lol

Tricia said...

What season showd last im kinda behind

Shandra E...*the misses said...

Tricia: Derwin is having a Baby with some girl (Janea) and Melanie decides after all these yrs she finally wants to get married so on the very last episode they hitch!!! and we're still waiting on that baby (who knows, oh girl mighta tricked him & maybe it's not his???) x-o They better bring it back!!! OH the TRAUMA: First it was actually MOESHA (they left us hangin then too...we still don't know who was pregnant member??) then Girlfriends & now possibly The Game!!

Supa.Starrr: She didn't become a hoe per say! lol...More so They did a good job Of capturing what alot of women go through when they're cheated on!!! So many women become Numb to Sex because they gave it to someone who abused it & treated it like it was nothing by cheating! So in turn, that woman sleeps around as if she's trying to prove to herself "i can do it too; this and You mean absolutely NOTHING" (but it's all a crazy lie...sex will always mean soemthing to a psychologically HEalthy woman!! lol)

Ms.Rita Janay: GIRL....I'm soooo MAD!! & i'm not playin....if it's cancelled...A FIT I TELL YOU...A BIG FIT!!!! lol...i might write the station & complain (my aunt used to do stuff like that...but she'd complain to the news as if they cared..?? WELL, i'll make it a race thing & they'll have to listen!!!) We can't have Black shows but we got Vampires???

what kinda mess!!! A FIT I tell you! ;)

withlove__starz said...

yea i saw that!! i was shocked!! i wonder if he used to be on set *looking at tia.... and then was like OH YEA its two of yall! .. lol. and yes.. love the curls! i hope they bring the game back!!! im getting tired of all these reality shows... (love'm but aint nothing like "fake" drama...i dont have to feel so sorry for them lol )

Shandra E...*the misses said...

Starz: LMBO My thoughts EXACTLY!!! esp. after "tia" had to throw herself at Malik in that one episode...that foo probably was looking like, dang she taken?? well.... "where the other sister"?! lmbo, Malik look good!...& derwin! but i said that in the post huh ;o)

NeicY b. said...

wat??? lol
dang i need to look this up...or start paying attention to stuff

and tia is pregnant??
im happy u posted this because i would've never known

Shandra E...*the misses said...

Hey Neicy B!! Ok so i'm NOT trippin then...me & my sis was staring at that pic too long trying to figure out if that was a "baby bump" we saw??!! lol...i still don't know, but at least i know i'm not the only one wondering?! ;o)