Friday, September 4, 2009

Rubber Necking & Maia Campbell's Condition...

“Are you not entertained?” – Maximus

Maia Campbell is the hottest topic on the web right now. She’s a trending topic on Twitter and all I can think is I’m glad that her mother, a great inspiration for writing – the late BeBe Moore Campbell, is not here to see this. There’s a video of Maia dancing naked for crack. Reports say she is a drug addict, a prostitute, a thief. If indeed she is any of these things, it is secondary to her illness. Maia is a diagnosed *schizophrenic (source is Wrong; her mother reported she was Bi-polar) who is not compliant with her medication. Her mother wrote about her trials in her last novel, 72-Hour Hold.

What is it about American culture that we are so brutally insensitive to be entertained by the darkness and demise of others? It’s that whole “staring at the bad car accident” thing. There are 129,000 fresh hits for Maia today. If a diabetic were staggering, babbling in a hypoglycemic fit before falling into a coma we would not be amused or find it gossip blog worthy. If a learning disabled child was frustrated and throwing books while screaming bloody murder in Barnes & Noble – we would not be amused. Yet, a disabled Maia Campbell has delighted bloggers and gossip columns nationwide.

Maia is a schizophrenic and, in my opinion, that is the most important part of the story. Schizophrenia is a chronic, severe, debilitating brain disease. More than 2 million people a year are diagnosed with schizophrenia. Schizophrenics suffer from distorted perceptions of reality, hallucinations, delusions, and illusions. They hear voices that others do not hear. As you can imagine such symptoms often drive schizophrenic’s to drug and alcohol abuse to escape this devastating condition of the mind. That is what is exactly wrong with the beautiful and talented Maia Campbell. She is non-compliant with her medication and a drug user/abuser. This is secondary to her illness and so while some may find humor in writing “Maia Campbell’s a Crack-Ho” it is far from the underlying truth.Schizophrenia is a brain disease that often goes undetected as simply bizarre behavior. Particularly in communities of color, schizophrenia is often overlooked as “crazy like his daddy” or “wild like her mama”. Because there is a genetic component to the disease you could see patterns of behavior across siblings and the parent/child relationship. The families of severe schizophrenics suffer tremendously. Full of worry and distress, an untreated schizophrenic can do much harm to his/her self. Unlikely to commit suicide or violence against others- it is the high risk lifestyle that sufferers are drawn to that endangers their lives. Because of the inability to hold down a job, many schizophrenics find themselves in poverty, which leads to depression and/or crime. It’s a spiraling nightmare for the family.My heart goes out to Maia Campbell, her family, and all the millions of families that are affected by this disease. Before we begin to label someone as “just crazy” it’s worthwhile to consider that there may be a true medical condition that needs treatment. If you or someone you know needs help, visit resources

Reminder: i did not write the above, i simply searched for more answers & that's (some of) what i found

I recently watched Maia being exploited in a video and it hurt my heart TOO much to sit back & simply read the gossip! I want help for her & i am seriously adding her name in my prayers!! I hope by (re)posting this article, two-sides of the story will be heard and more people will begin to pray for Maia and the many others suffering from drug addiction & psychological distress!!!

I can only hope/pray she gets the HELP/intervention she needs to make a full recovery! prayers...she needs them!
Also, go Here if you want to read what the late Bebe Moore Campbell (maia's mom)had to say about all this! She mentions Maia's disorder as BI-POLAR, which is a totally different illness; glad i researched the source:

*Self-evaluation: the next time there's an accident, I vow to "break my neck" to PRAY instead...
"with bowed heads"...

-shandra e.


Bianca S. said...

wow...this jus totally hurt my heart

Shandra E...*the misses said...

Mines TOO!!! =/

I saw the video and HAD to go looking for more answers??! i wanted to understand how/when it started...& why?!! I also saw her a few yrs ago, in the audience at an LA fashion show...Even Then, i looked at her &how different she looked in person & i wondered what was wrong in her life....With her mother gone, i'm sure things have been harder for her these last 3yrs!!

☆Reese✮ said...

I couldn't watch the video and I have scrolled past any page I saw with her as a joke headline. I don't think she deserves to be ridiculed and poked fun at, she needs prayer and assistance as you said!
SMH, sometimes it's hard for me to believe that people are so insensitive.
Thank you for posting this!

Shandra E...*the misses said...

Reese: yeah, i don't's like people forget that we are all Humans so to act so insensitive to another human being is Inhumane!

One person had nerve to say, well, if we take away the camera, we do not change the reality which is Maia's day-to-day life! But here's the thing, WE can change her Reality!! & for starters, we can choose NOT to redicule and embarrass her...we can choose to PRAY! We can choose to treat her like another human being in we are all in need! On the video, one thing she said, "what's your secret, put the camera on yourself & expose your secret; everyone's making a target out of me"!! ANd it's true, it doesn't change the fact that she was heavily under the influence, but she's right in saying...we all have low points in life; we all have secrets and simply because she was once a shinning star, missery loves company and too many would rather watch a star falling from the sky, than "make a wish" & wish it well!