Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Such a Beautiful Liar

You said you were invincible

You said you'd never get hit,

....and i said i'd never shoot you.

but we lied

and as you lie there...

Lifeless and full of Love

your beating heart keeps up with mine

love's immortal.

we'll last to the end of time

♥Shandra e.


THEE Canon said...

is love really immortal, or do we just tell ourselves that it lasts forever to shadow the loss of it? eiher way, I like how this was written

Shandra E...*the misses said...

...OR do we just doubt it's ability & existance altogether because we feel betrayed by love??!

Two things, I believe, that cannot be measured on a time scale (mortals have an expiration date): GOD and LOVE. :)

love surpasses time...& i believe Time is relative to love...we only know time exist Because Before & after, there was/always will be LOVE.

John 1:1-in the beginning was the WORD (i'd like to think that word was LOVE:or John 3:16)...& The word was with God & the Word Was God!! ;)

didn't mean to take it to "the church" lol...as emo as i may be when it comes to (romantic) love, i'll never doubt it's eternal power..in any form! :)

great thoughts though!! i love questions/topics of this nature..whether they're rhetorical or not!! *nerdface 8-#


Shandra E...*the misses said...

...OH & to Refference the actual Context of This post!! (lol cuz my response was all besides the point!!)

In essence i am saying: you said you'd never fall in love, & i said i'd never be the one to Use Love against you/make you fall...but we both lied:
we're in love & love is immortal!

I shot cupid & his heart survived...he's no "super-human" incapable of Love, so we'll love till the end of time...

Saying Love is "immortal" is not about a loss of love at all, more so a 'Revelation' of LOVE!
it's about finding what you never thought existed and embarking upon what you thought you'd never find because somehow you convinced yourself you were exempt from Love...nope. Love conquesr all!!

*karo said...

so so true!! awesomeee

K. Michel said...

Man, that pic is messed up.

I remember the last time I fell in love was in the fifth grade. I told my mother but she was like... "Ah, you're too young! You don't know what love is yet!"

But I tell you. I think love is at it's purest, the younger you are.