Thursday, September 3, 2009

To Do...To Don't..I'm making a List!

With my 23rd birthday spinning around soon, I've decided to set a few goals of things TO DO before the year ends! As of next week, i will be working a full time day job as a Behavioral Therapist and by night, i'll feed my need for the world of fashion as a sales associate at Forever21!! AND, aside from that, i'll be enrolled as an online student as well.....with all that going on, IT'S IMPERATIVE THAT I HAVE SOME ME TIME!!!!

Things TO DO:

- Take a trip to Catalina Island!!! I haven't been in years, but I love it there!!! It's a beautiful little island with exotic fish and just fun little things to do...I've been "planning" this trip since January...of Last year =/ so I have to go before another January rolls around!! If not Catalina, i just have to get away...I get all school vacations so there should be time; hopefully sooner than later.
- Commit to a mani and pedi every two weeks!! after being on my feet so much, i deserve a good soak & i just love pampering myself, so really, i'll make any excuse! lol...Besides, my nail lady LOVES ME....she tells me all her secrets with her sister sitting in the next chair trying to ease drop!! LMBO...and when she leaves her sister tries to "get it out of me", but I NEVER TELL!! Being there, reminds me that listening to people's problems, being loyal to confidentiality, and keeping it REAL is what i was born to do....i can't wait to be a clinical psychologist!! lol...&&& neither can my nail lady...she wants to be the 1st to Pay me!!
-CONTINUE to Save Up for My Own Apartment!!!: It's about that time (i've been anxious for quite a while actually) TO MOVE UP & OUT My Mamma's house!! Even though i was away living the "dorm life" in college, coming home, after answering to no obnoxious!! My mom thinks she needs to know all details....& not because she's concerned...she just nosy! lol...& I realize, the only way i will learn to cook for myself, is when i'm on my own....I just can't wait to decorate my own spot, take pride in it & wallow in taking a step further into being "my own woman" :)

for the longest, i have wanted a NICE/CLASSIC record player and my own collection of vinyls!!! I want songs like "My Mistake" by Mr. Marvin (G.) & Diana Ross spinning on my turntable or Frank Sinatra's "I loved her"!! I just adore old school/classic music and i just feel, what better way to celebrate it than with a record player?! Not to mention i just want to have throwback concerts in my room! lol...but yes, the Supremes, ThenatKINGcole of jazz, Smokey Rob, (i like giving my favs nick names! lol), Dear Sam (Cooke) & Frankie Lymon will all be spinning along with MJ. and Prince!! Ooh I can't wait!! =D

AS Far as my To Don'T List:

-BURN OUT: with only two hours in between each job, for travel, eating, and napping, I have to try my best not to Burn Out!!! I DON'T want to overwork myself!!! I'm kind of worried, yet i feel somewhat prepared after last summer: i worked 17hr days being physically active with teens...not to mention I had to give inspirational messages Every Night!!! So on that Note...

-I Won't OVER-THINK Things and stress myself out with worrying about inadequacies!! I CAN DO THIS!! (lol...if i think positive, it can only be positive right?!) well, prayers....i'll need them.

-Shandra e.


Mae said...

Man I love Catalina Islands!! Went snorkeling there once...simply breathtaking!

Shandra E...*the misses said...

Ooh i've always wanted to do that!! At my school we had a snorkeling class where you'd could become a certified scuba diver & everything??? wierd right?! lol...only in Orange County =p