Sunday, September 6, 2009

The World is Flat.....

they say Circles never end

well then, all we know is birthed from lies

and each time it rains

i swear the moon cries at the sight of me and you

we had everybody convinced

had them thinking we were TRUE

but the world isn't round

it's flat are you

you went off key and i fell off the face of the earth

changed the notes to my scales

and went missing like i was worth Nothing more than a fish in your sea

went fishing for everything you could only find in me

and that is when i decided to let you be

i decided to make a trip to find serenity

and if the world is flat

in this corner is where i'll be

facing the walls inside of me

learning lessons

loving ME.

-Shandra e.
& i realize i never fully commited to any/one concept within this poem! lol...but that's what happens when the world is flat: you sit in the corner, face those walls & seriously think about everything you've done until the lesson you've learned is so beyond the point of's more about realizing a truth you never knew.


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wow...this is amazing.