Thursday, October 29, 2009

Just In:This Is It....

So i JUST got in from Michael Jackson's This Is It
and i will say IF you are truely a fan
You definitely Need to Go to the Theatres
Don't just wait for the DVD
After submitting my movie ticket stub
I was greeted by a lady with a Badge for the "event"
I felt like i was a V.I.P at his concert or something
or more so like i was given a backstage pass
...and really that's exactly what the "movie" is...
Michael's look & sound was closer to himself then it had been in a long time
& even better, there was so much live vocal footage!
HUMAN NATURE had to be my favorite part
he sang it live, as he rehearsed it,
in addition to simultaneously composing and editing it.
Michael Jackson is a musical genius
& Music is Forever
Love is Always
go see it :)
*also, If you watched MTB (Making The Band) religiously, you should recognize a familiar face (CHRIS from season 3), he was also on America's best Dance Crew as well as 106&Park....I LOVE seeing people start from the bottom & work their way to greatness right before my eyes! It's a testament that dreams come true. I was amazed everytime he was on the camera..out of thousands of dancers, he made the top 11!! That's Crazy; i love it!
&& I LOVE Michael Jackson =)

Sunday, October 25, 2009

All Men are DOGS!

If you lay down with dogs, you'll wake up with Flees.

If you wake up with Flees...

you were a little Dirty to begin with!

-Shandra e.

lmbo....that just came to me as i left a blog comment on some guys site! He, himself, was saying that all men are dogs...& wow...i had to disagree?!

Saturday, October 24, 2009

"Stylish" vs. the "god-forbidden"...REGULAR

So, I just saw a pic of Dawn's new hair style consisting of leopard-print bangs??? && I got to thinking...Why does the epitome of every female artist look like some developmentally stunted "woman" playing dress-up for High School Hallways?! (wow...i guess with the present fan-base of music buyers..some of them are...but still!)

There's Amber Rose, Crazy-Gaga, Rihanna (YES i said it) & Now Dawn too! smh...they're too old for all this...especially Dawn & Amber! It's like, why does being an artist suddenly mean your image has to overwhelm who you are & what you're trying to accomplish?!! It's like all of these people are using their image to over-compensate for their lack of talent?? (or they need/want TOO much attention *cough-gaga)

...Sad thing is, DAWN has major talent...makes you wonder if she really knows it or not (or maybe the industry is so "gone" she wonders whether we know it or not, so she succumbs to being "typical"?! Either way, Beyonce is one of the greatest female performers today, & even She knows her weave has a limit! lol...So what's wrong with everyone else & their weaves/over-doing it hair-cuts & outfit choices???

Now I never said Dawn looks a hott mess, cuz she still looks fly & most times, so does Rihanna (i even adore her fits..a lot) BUT it is a bit YOUNG nonetheless. I just think they're all trying way TOO's a bit obnoxious & they're defeating the purpose: i'm bored!

soon enough, simply being Normal or the "god-forbidden" 'regular' will seem exotic! lol...

And i miss how it was back in the day, when all of these "exotic" looks and fads were left to the ones with epic star-quality.

Stars like MJ and Prince or even nasty Madonna...where are they now ??? so yeah...DON'T answer that =/

Thursday, October 22, 2009

word to the wise....from the Great...

"All of the "Greats" die lonely...becuz they never received from anyone...what they gave to the World... their all
And if tomorrow were my last day....somebody better call me great."-j.Aiko

Wednesday, October 21, 2009


...I love you, BUT.....I'm not in love with you????

What in the world does that mean & who came up with such a generic excuse?!

Friday, October 16, 2009

the perfect kiss...

 the final destination and we simply enjoy the journey within each others arms....

Monday, October 12, 2009

Tried to Love You...But I can't

....i once felt these lyrics to the core!

"Love Again"

[Verse 1:]
It was not your fault
I had your love then lost
Cause of what was done to me by another man
Yes i know what could've been
But i assumed if i let you in
You'd come along and only hurt me again

See i tried to love you, tried to love you
But i can't
I was wrong about you, wrong about you
How i need to love you, need to love you
But i can't
Try another love again
I don't want to love again

[Verse 2:]
All these walls i've built
They were built to keep you out
And now i sit alone because i only boxed myself in
Now before i could dry my face
Before the broken heart could mend
I didnt want to fall victim to hoping again

See i tried to love you, tried to love
But i can't
See i was wrong about you, wrong about you
How i need to love you, need to love you
But i can't
Try another love again
I don't want to love again

Maybe, Maybe baby
In another space another time
Would have loved you first cuz this feel right
Ohh maybe, Maybe baby
In another season of my life
Would have had my whole heart, my soul,and my mind
But i cant change the past
I can't look away
Just blame it on all the pain he gave
Cause i know i've tried
Yes i know i TRIED.......

i tried to love you
But i cant
See i was wrong about, wrong about you
How i need to love you
Ohhh But i cant
Try another love again
I dont want to love again

Sunshine  Milk Chocolate!! )

that sun was shining bright! lol

i posted my pic because randomly people from other races tend to say i look like kelly rowland quite often, but then i always wonder if it's the whole "all black people look alike" phenominon??

lol..either way, i suppose we do photograph with slight similarities every green moon (like in the two pics here), but other than that. nah...

You already Knowin'....

I can L.O.L if any of you thought for a second i wouldn't post MJ's THIS IS IT leak!!
I ♥ Michael Jackson and a part of me must be convinced that his memory relies on my obsession because I probably have more MJ posts than anyone in the movement (lol. probably not, but still)?!

this definitely Isn't the mastered/mixed version of the song, but either way...if it's MJ, you already knowin'....i'm showing LOVE regardless ;-p

Saturday, October 10, 2009

You look So GOOD in love...

Jamie Foxx is such an all around BEAUTIFUL man to me!! He represents success on so many levels. As a young Black man He studied classical music & actually went to college on a music scholarship! (so did I!! woot woot), He started off as a Hillarious Comedian who always aspired to sing and crossed over into more serious roles! He is an OSCAR WINNER!! (like how DOPE is that; a comedian/R&B singer with an Oscar) & He's just Soo REAL! He doesn't change up the game for his "white fans"...he stays TRUE no matter what & his Race Jokes crack me up!! I LOVE HIM...We tvo everything he touch! lol because we know Jamie Fox can be on the 6 o'clock news & make it funny!! ;o) The man is talented, & swaggalishes! lol...

anyhoo, BLACK FANS TOO GEORGE...BLACK FANS TOO!! haha...I LOVE COUNTRY MUSIC...That's where all the LYRICS are! && They leave every genre in the dust when it comes to content!!

& I heard that: You Look so good (when you're) in love (with ME) lol...dope concept!

Thursday, October 8, 2009


So I just took the What Michael Jackson Song are You? quiz and the result is P.Y.T. (Pretty Young Thing)

"You're a diva! You're a total hottie and you and everyone else knows it! Total Package"!
lol...and yeah, i'll agree; besides it's one of my favorite MJ hits!! && doesn't he look so beautiful on that pic?!

follow the link/take the test & Feel free to leave your results in the comments?!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

writer's block...

i wanted to write about love...
and then memories of you popped up.
so how does one read in between the lines on blank pages
the same way we outlive love that's been dying for ages
dare to make mistakes

and if you trace the streaks of my eraser marks
you'll see a writer's block becomes a writer's choice to stop what comes natural
-Shandra e.

10 lives

and all i wanted was for you to prick my curiosity

instead, you dug a hole

and burrowed within the pockets of me

and now i'm destined never to let you go

i'm so curious and destiny doesn't know....

i cheated death just to survive this fall

landed on my feet, lost my head and my heart is so involved

...lets kill the antics

we're a pair of hopeless romantics and soon we'll be murderers too

so i'll wake up, exhale and get to know you


...good mornin' love :)

Shandra E.



Kiss.Me.You.Fool: a new section of my blog where you can expect the brighter lights of love! I usually play into the deep/dark sides, but i figure there's a little hopeless romantic in there dying to breathe just a little bit ;-p lol

Saturday, October 3, 2009

All or Nothing...

well if i'm completely honest

i know i promised an orchestra

but this beat is all i've got

so take me or not

I was made to LOVE....

-Shandra e.

Friday, October 2, 2009


They say blood is thicker than water

so i suppose this will be much harder...

than ridding my face of yesterday's tears

and i suppose it is my greatest fear

that after all these years

I am still bleeding You

Stained by the residue of loving you

scarred with pain of losing faith in you

bruised because I fell without my parachute

and now I am Broken

the fingerprints left on my heart have spoken

and like a surgeon, you've cut me OPEN

infused me with strands of you

and now your DNA defines me too

synonymous with words




"acronomically" giving my soul to you


this love

-Shandra e.


I was just listening to/singing "tracks of my tears" by Smokie Robinson And It Hit Me...Tears will easily fade!
but when you've been bleeding love or leaking blood nothing removes the stain! I have a habit of responding to songwriters (dead or alive! lol) so this was my way of saying Well, Smokey...i agree, but HYPOTHETICALLY SPEAKING ;) problem may be a little harder to whatchu got??? lol

**& I'm excited to say that as i searched for the perfect picture for this post, i found myself leaking lyrics to a new song!!! YAY!! lol...That Brandy works like a drug; sent right to the veins!! ;o) so anyway, my new (unfinished) song is called D.N.A as well =)
*shrugs...although the lyrics are not synchronized with the words to this poem, at all.

Thee ONLY MAN I'm willing to Share...

God loves you.
Yes, God loves you. Very much. Unconditionally. Like a mother loves her child, unconditionally. Even as she slaps her baby's hand to protect them from being burnt by a fire, her love infuses her whole being. And So it is with God. God's love for you infuses the whole Universe! (-Courtesy of Facebook)

See what God wants you to know...

JOHN 3:16
FOR GOD SO LOVED YOU, He gave His ONLY Begotten Son,
That Whosoever Believes in HIM should not perish, BUT have
LIFE! :)


OK...I must've spit my water out when i thought i could multi-task & listen to Brandy at the same time?? WRONG!!! lmbo...SHE.IS.THE.TRUTH!!! found this video on Melanie's page(great Blogger):!!

When I heard This, I couldn't help, but Think Of WHITNEY: Because She Is The TRUTH as well!! Brandy Has named Whitney as her Greatest inspiration (along with Ray J) since the beginning of her career (even dedicated a song to Her on her very 1st album!!) BUT THIS RIGHT HERE: shows that inspiration might spark a flame, but BRANDY'S PURE GOD-GIVEN TALENT is FIYA!!!!

I'm on Cloud 99!!
I just might write a song??!! lol...