Wednesday, October 7, 2009

10 lives

and all i wanted was for you to prick my curiosity

instead, you dug a hole

and burrowed within the pockets of me

and now i'm destined never to let you go

i'm so curious and destiny doesn't know....

i cheated death just to survive this fall

landed on my feet, lost my head and my heart is so involved

...lets kill the antics

we're a pair of hopeless romantics and soon we'll be murderers too

so i'll wake up, exhale and get to know you


...good mornin' love :)

Shandra E.



Kiss.Me.You.Fool: a new section of my blog where you can expect the brighter lights of love! I usually play into the deep/dark sides, but i figure there's a little hopeless romantic in there dying to breathe just a little bit ;-p lol


VerbFashion said...

you're like "the shit" on the poetry tip...

"so I'll wake up, exhale and get to know you"


Shandra E...*the misses said...

oh wow thanks!!! :)
i really appreciate it much!!