Friday, October 2, 2009


They say blood is thicker than water

so i suppose this will be much harder...

than ridding my face of yesterday's tears

and i suppose it is my greatest fear

that after all these years

I am still bleeding You

Stained by the residue of loving you

scarred with pain of losing faith in you

bruised because I fell without my parachute

and now I am Broken

the fingerprints left on my heart have spoken

and like a surgeon, you've cut me OPEN

infused me with strands of you

and now your DNA defines me too

synonymous with words




"acronomically" giving my soul to you


this love

-Shandra e.


I was just listening to/singing "tracks of my tears" by Smokie Robinson And It Hit Me...Tears will easily fade!
but when you've been bleeding love or leaking blood nothing removes the stain! I have a habit of responding to songwriters (dead or alive! lol) so this was my way of saying Well, Smokey...i agree, but HYPOTHETICALLY SPEAKING ;) problem may be a little harder to whatchu got??? lol

**& I'm excited to say that as i searched for the perfect picture for this post, i found myself leaking lyrics to a new song!!! YAY!! lol...That Brandy works like a drug; sent right to the veins!! ;o) so anyway, my new (unfinished) song is called D.N.A as well =)
*shrugs...although the lyrics are not synchronized with the words to this poem, at all.


Anonymous said...

wow so tell me now if I should retire from commenting lol I LOVE THEM EVERYTIME!!!!

VerbFashion said...

This was really deep...

I felt every line and it was creative on multiple levels. I'm officially going to be frequenting this blog.

Keep it up miss ;)

pennanddpaperr said...

i loved d.n.a ! youre really talented; obviously. i even called up my bestfriend and read it to her. *3 snaps*