Thursday, October 29, 2009

Just In:This Is It....

So i JUST got in from Michael Jackson's This Is It
and i will say IF you are truely a fan
You definitely Need to Go to the Theatres
Don't just wait for the DVD
After submitting my movie ticket stub
I was greeted by a lady with a Badge for the "event"
I felt like i was a V.I.P at his concert or something
or more so like i was given a backstage pass
...and really that's exactly what the "movie" is...
Michael's look & sound was closer to himself then it had been in a long time
& even better, there was so much live vocal footage!
HUMAN NATURE had to be my favorite part
he sang it live, as he rehearsed it,
in addition to simultaneously composing and editing it.
Michael Jackson is a musical genius
& Music is Forever
Love is Always
go see it :)
*also, If you watched MTB (Making The Band) religiously, you should recognize a familiar face (CHRIS from season 3), he was also on America's best Dance Crew as well as 106&Park....I LOVE seeing people start from the bottom & work their way to greatness right before my eyes! It's a testament that dreams come true. I was amazed everytime he was on the camera..out of thousands of dancers, he made the top 11!! That's Crazy; i love it!
&& I LOVE Michael Jackson =)


Anonymous said...

yea... he said he wanted to show his writing side... well ... he sure did it!! i teared up hearing the first....... couple times.. lol. did you download the whole mix tape?? he has two.. i think if you just type in bj mixtape.. they come up. cj slipping.. he need a mix tape. "mars" has one with a few james songs... if you havent heard those.

Supastarrr said...

you've received an award! check my blog for details