Saturday, October 24, 2009

"Stylish" vs. the "god-forbidden"...REGULAR

So, I just saw a pic of Dawn's new hair style consisting of leopard-print bangs??? && I got to thinking...Why does the epitome of every female artist look like some developmentally stunted "woman" playing dress-up for High School Hallways?! (wow...i guess with the present fan-base of music buyers..some of them are...but still!)

There's Amber Rose, Crazy-Gaga, Rihanna (YES i said it) & Now Dawn too! smh...they're too old for all this...especially Dawn & Amber! It's like, why does being an artist suddenly mean your image has to overwhelm who you are & what you're trying to accomplish?!! It's like all of these people are using their image to over-compensate for their lack of talent?? (or they need/want TOO much attention *cough-gaga)

...Sad thing is, DAWN has major talent...makes you wonder if she really knows it or not (or maybe the industry is so "gone" she wonders whether we know it or not, so she succumbs to being "typical"?! Either way, Beyonce is one of the greatest female performers today, & even She knows her weave has a limit! lol...So what's wrong with everyone else & their weaves/over-doing it hair-cuts & outfit choices???

Now I never said Dawn looks a hott mess, cuz she still looks fly & most times, so does Rihanna (i even adore her fits..a lot) BUT it is a bit YOUNG nonetheless. I just think they're all trying way TOO's a bit obnoxious & they're defeating the purpose: i'm bored!

soon enough, simply being Normal or the "god-forbidden" 'regular' will seem exotic! lol...

And i miss how it was back in the day, when all of these "exotic" looks and fads were left to the ones with epic star-quality.

Stars like MJ and Prince or even nasty Madonna...where are they now ??? so yeah...DON'T answer that =/

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RiekaBaby said...

LOL u are soo right! i could be as PAID as i wanna be...but thats no reason to put a freakin birds nest around my face! why do ppl feel like they need to be so damn EXTRA?! Is starting trends that important just to have ppl walkin around lookin crazy?! maybe. lol.