Friday, October 2, 2009


OK...I must've spit my water out when i thought i could multi-task & listen to Brandy at the same time?? WRONG!!! lmbo...SHE.IS.THE.TRUTH!!! found this video on Melanie's page(great Blogger):!!

When I heard This, I couldn't help, but Think Of WHITNEY: Because She Is The TRUTH as well!! Brandy Has named Whitney as her Greatest inspiration (along with Ray J) since the beginning of her career (even dedicated a song to Her on her very 1st album!!) BUT THIS RIGHT HERE: shows that inspiration might spark a flame, but BRANDY'S PURE GOD-GIVEN TALENT is FIYA!!!!

I'm on Cloud 99!!
I just might write a song??!! lol...


Melanie! said...

aww thanks 4 the shoutout! :)
she is sooo pretty!

supa.starrr said...

i agree 10000%