Sunday, November 8, 2009

Not Your Average JOE

I've been playing Joe's music out for the past few days so i decided i just had to rant about him!!! Okay, So I Love this Dude!! Been in love with everything he does, since the 90s, when he dropped "ALL THE THINGS ya man won't do"!!! WOOOwee...That song right 1st time a guy ever sang a serenade to me, it was that song! :) But Yeah, JOE is definitely one of my Top Favs when it comes to R&B...really just male vocalist period; he's up there on the list!

&& Besides, These days you have to be Vocal about your musical lovers or else you'll get lumped with the post mortem groupies (ewwww!). I must've went loco when someone had Nerve to ask my younger sister "since when have you been a Michael Jackson Fan"??? WT...How about All her life! wasn't even directed to me, but I was Offended! Anyhoo, i might not adore the fashion from the 90z but truly some of the Greats reigned during that "era"!! They say it was something to grow up as a teen in the 80z (& it was; no discredit) BUT Bout time the 90z hit, Michael was leading us to the climax of his career! Brandy popped on the scene, Whitney promised she'd always love you & Tupac....sigh....we had Tupac!
I'm a LOVER of ALL music, but i can be a R&B junkie for real!

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Some of My Top JOE hits:

- All the Things -It's Me
-Sweeter than Sugar - If I was Your Man
-Dropped your dime -Beautiful
-I wanna Know -Treat Her Like a Lady
-Life of the Party -Can'T Get Over You (cover)
-Don't Wanna Be a Player No More -What If a Woman
- The "New" album SIGNATURE is FIYA!!!! =D


RoByn LaTice said...

Until this year, the ONLY music I would download was 90's r&b. I think its the best music, it sooo full of heart. Not like alot of things these days...I just start listening to rap recently. I found a few songs I love..but before tht I'd only listen to old school and! I love music that can speak to my soul. Oh..and I love Joe. My fav is "I wanna know", thts my shit!

Shandra E...*the misses said...

GIRL...Country Music is an all time favorite!!! That's where All the lyrics are!!! & YES, OLDIES....I can't stress my oldies enough!!! Mr. Marvin G. Sammie C. (lol Sam Cooke), Ste-vie! Whitney, lmbo...ok i just wanted to rhyme, but i could go on, Smokey Robinson, Stylistics, Ottis Redding...James Brown!! SoOOO MANY...I'm such a MUSIC LOVER!!!

I Love ROCK too!!! Folk, Country, R&B, Oldies, Newbies...i'll take it all...&& I just started with rap a few yrs ago myself (i Fell in Love with Tupac's Intellect First!!) But Kanye, Common, Mos Def...i love just "Lyricist"!

Ms_Cr0ss said...

Mannnn...I so feel you on the Joe tip. He's so grownmanish...I love his smooth voice, and meaningful fav lately is "Love is Just a Game" Look it up!! Its soooo bomb.

Shandra E...*the misses said... need to look it up...i was listening to it yesterday night!!! I love that song & that album (I've probably played that album more than the others)!!! Girl i just love me some JOE & yes...GROWN-MAN-ISH is definitely what it is!! ...That's why i love him...all these new kats are on some juvenile 1-2-3 depth...his songs/lyrics, Not to mention that freakin' voice!!! just bomb....

Niku said...

I ADORE Joe and his music too! I feel like he actually sings TO women, and not FOR women, if that makes any sense. He seems like the type of brotha who would appreciate his woman. I love "Treat her like a lady" I heard a rumor that he beat his wife and that one took me by surprise..JOE!? Nonetheless, he is human. But I still don't believe it, because it is a rumor...

Wasn't very impressed with his new CD to be honest. I think it's because I expect so much from him. Nevertheless, he still delivered on it. "worst case scenario", "metaphor" etc..